9 Epic Moments That You Can Relate To, If You Are On A Diet!


We Indians have a different way of encouraging people to do what they have planned for themselves. And when it comes to dieting, we are the first ones to shove that satisfaction of following a successful diet plan, right into the other person’s face.

It’s almost next to impossible with endless festivities and junky munching friends to go on a restricted diet without having multiple cheat days or simply breaking off. Indian moms are specially the reason that makes it, even harder for us youngsters to follow a proper and controlled diet, for their unconditional love and care. Additionally, the thinking that second helping are essential for us, with every single meal.

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And the moment you announce you’re on a diet, it all crashes down to your friends or siblings eating all that junk right in front of your face, offering you some to eat along. So, here are such 9 epic moments that you can easily relate with if you are on a diet:

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1. The moment you finally decide and make all the preparation to start your dieting plans, from the same moment or the next day, and take that first step to announce it to your mother. Right at that moment, when your mother is full of joy and cheerfulness, that you decided to burn the calories, she ruins it all by asking if she can cook sweets to celebrate this auspicious moment.

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2. The next day, you wake up with a mission to follow your diet plan as per your schedule. You step out of your bed and spend at least half an hour, filling up your lunch box with fresh fruits and salads to make a healthier starting. And right in front, you are lying those yummy crunchy Choco chip cookies that freshly came out of the oven.

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3. After you reach your office, you suddenly realize that it’s your Boss’s birthday today. There’s absolutely no chance you’re gonna say NO to your Boss’s birthday cake and those second helpings that are served in his honour.

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4. Now that you are all stuffed with that oh-so-delicious birthday cake and the second helpings, there’s something you suddenly realize that can’t be left unattended. Your Healthy Lunch Box is right there, lying untouched. After convincing everyone (and Failing!) you end up eating it all by yourself. Thus, Dieting Day 1: Total Disaster.

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5. Now, today is the next day, which is TUESDAY, and you decide that you’re gonna skip this week and try again the next week, as the Monday proved to be a total failure, and it is considered Shubh (Lucky) to starts new things from Monday.

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6. Now that you have the whole week left, you spend the rest of it stuffing your face into those calorie-filled delicious dishes. Because, you are going on a strict dieting from the next week, and who knows when are you going to get such a grateful chance!

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7. Now you are only three days away to begin your diet and you plan to go out for drinks with your Buddies (A celebration is definitely due before you quit everything)! Suddenly someone starts talking about a Carbs-specified diet plan, and worked for someone to have lost around 12 kgs. Right there, you get your ray of hope to work hard for!

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8. Then, you spend the rest of the weekend researching for the best diet plans and make a complete workable chart to begin with.

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9. It’s Monday Again, and you are all set to begin your dieting, again! And there marked on the calendar is the ultimatum for your Mum’s Birthday. *Crying out loud in silent tears, while happily eating Mom’s birthday cake*

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