9 Relationship Rules To Follow To Become Happy Couple


People fall in love and they eventually fall out of it too. But it does not always happen to every couple out there. Our relationship is what we really make of it!

Where we cling onto those emotional and romantic love stories that we read or watch movies about, we almost forget to accept the after parts of those happy endings. But there are couples who do their best to work on their relationships and they lead their lives happily ever after.

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So, we have gathered a list of top 9 rules that almost every couple follows to lead a happy relationship.

1. Honesty Is The Base Of A Strong Relationship

We don’t want you to share each tiny bit of information of your day or your life with your partner but make an effort to be honest and open to each other, as much as you can. Tell each other the things that bother you and also the happy things that you love.

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2. Debate It All Out

If you feel like you are facing issues in your relationship, then either discuss them or debate them all out at once. Keeping things to yourself can be harmful to your relationship. This will help you both to grow and understand each other, making your relationship stronger than ever.

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3. Don’t Try To ‘Fix’ Each Other, Ever!

Discussing might be better rather deciding on fixing each other’s quirks and baggage that you have a problem with. Never force your partner or even yourself to ever ‘change’ or ‘fix’ them up.

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4. Small Gestures Make Big Differences

Sometimes, small gestures make the biggest of positive differences in a happy relationship. Even some expensive gifts make a fail when you make those small and meaningful small gestures to show your affection towards your partner.

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5. That Gut Feeling Is Always Right

You know the difference between right and wrong when that gut feeling of yours is pushing you in that direction. If you ever get stuck in the situation of getting misunderstood, then instead of taking someone else’s advice, follow your gut feeling and everything will turn out to be just fine.

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6. Never Let Money Become Your Concern

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that only your partner has to bear all your expenses. As individuals and that too adults & mature, you must share whatever you are spending when you are together, and maintain a financially balanced life.

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7. Perfection Is Actually A Camouflage

It’s quite impossible for a person to be at their best behavior all the time, so yes, the so called perfect couple doesn’t exist. Making mistakes or having flaws is not a crime, so you don’t need to cover for them guys. Simply accept each other the way they are, and everything will be fine.

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8. Acknowledge The Truth About Your Past

Accept the person your past experience has made you, stronger and mature. No matter how the end was, it’s the journey that matter and the lessons that it has taught you. Keep that with your life and you’ll always find yourself the happier one in your relationship.

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9. Keep Your Calm

There might be times when you two don’t agree to the same thing, so it is important that you keep your calm and try to make him understand your point of view. The feeling of getting back at your partner will only hamper your relationship, instead of making things easier.

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Well, you know now how you can add that spark to your boring and mundane love life. So, go ahead and follow your heart, that says to never look back to that sad little life of yours! Share your experiences and adventures that you have spent with your partner.

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