9 Super-Easy Ways to Get Rid of Rats from House


Do you know that we draw the negative energies from the pests and rodents inhabiting our house? We often do many things just to drive away the negativities from our house, but ignore the unwanted tenants like mice, pigeons, spiders, etc. Rats not only sabotage our food items and other goods, they spread many diseases like cholera and dysentery. Mice also give birth to depravity in the house. Today we’re going to tell you some easy hacks to get rid of the mice from your house.

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1. Peppermint
You can use peppermint to get rid of the mice. Rats and mice loath the smell of peppermint. So soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil in place them at each and every corner of your house. The strong smell of peppermint will repel these rodents.

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2. Red Chilli Powder
The red chilli powder which we use for cooking can also be used to drive the rodents away. Sprinkle some red chilli powder in the favourite spots of the mice. This will drive these rodents out of the house.

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3. Bay Leaf
The bay leaf used as a spice in Indian cooking technique can also be used to get rid of mice.

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4. Cats
You can also bring a cat home as a pet if you really like animals. This will have a double benefit for you. You will get a pet and the mice will find a way out of your house.

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5. Rat Trap
The rat traps are available easily at every general store. Attach a piece of food on the hook. The rat will come to eat the food and will be trapped inside. You can then discard the rat far away from your house.

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6. Mint Leaves
If you’re fed up rats and mice being a havoc in your house, then you can blend some mint leaves in a blender and place it at the corners of your house. This will repel the rodents and drive them out of the house.

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7. Human Hair
Human hair repels the rodents in a way. You will be shocked to read this, but it is true. This is the easiest way so far to scare the mice away. Rodents die if they swallow human hair. So keep a bunch of human hair at their favourite place.

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8. Camel’s Toe Nail
This is a hard thing to do though. But it scares away the rodents surely. Keep a camel’s right toenail in your house. Mice will never enter your house after seeing them.

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9. Keep Your House Clean
The best way to avoid the entry of mouse in your house is to keep your house clean. Mice mostly breed in the houses that are not kept properly. So keep your house clean and organized.

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