Acid Attack Survivor Reshma Qureshi: New Face of Women Empowerment


If you ask me what women empowerment really is? My answer would be Reshma Qureshi. She was broken but not yet fallen. Her wings had been damaged beyond repair; she couldn’t fly. But she learned how to walk. To get going is the thing, what really matters. And Reshma knew it better than most of us. She chose not to be belittled by those who did her wrong. But she chose to stand up and continue her journey in life for those who always brought her up.

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You must be wondering, there are multitudes of acid-attack victims in India, but why Reshma Qureshi is being much talked about? Well, it’s because Reshma Qureshi is a survivor, not a victim. She survived the brutal catastrophe, instead of being the victim of those tried to mend her destiny. They (her assaulters) tried their level best to bring her down, to sabotage the progress she thought she has made. Their intentions were to shatter her dreams, but who knew that their merciless act would rekindle the dreams of many other women.

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In case you don’t know much about this prodigy, Reshma Qureshi, then let me introduce you to her. She ‘survived’ an acid attack nearly two years ago. Her beauty was sabotaged but her strong will wasn’t. so she started making beauty tips and posted them online to create an awareness about the sale of acid. She brought the term ‘Beauty’ in a new light to us. It wasn’t her face that was beautiful, but what she is inside made her walk the ramp for the New York Fashion Week this year. The burned the lamps of hope among other survivors. Look, how beautifully and confidently she walks down the ramp in a long-sleeve white gown designed by the very renowned Indian Designer, Archana Kochhar.

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Her tremendous faith in good things in life and her will to keep going on changed her world from a small town of Allahabad to New York. She was scarred for life but instead of pitying her situation, she decided to save millions of girls from meeting the same fate. She was just 19 when she suffered such a disaster in her life, but her fervour and valour reminds us of our Historical Queen of Bravery, Rani of Jhansi. She became the face of the #EndAcidSale movement of a New Delhi-based NGO Make Love Not Scars.

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In a world where women are still confined to their body assets and facial beauty, there are these girls like Reshma Qureshi. Today we have no pity for her, cause all she deserves is immense respect and of course, Love.

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