Amber Eyes: Science, Myths and Personality Traits of Amber Eyed People


Amber eyes are really rare but look stunning. According to scientific data, only 0.01% of the world’s population has amber eyes. Some say it is a golden colour while others say it is a combination of yellow and copper. Defining amber eyes would be a difficult task since the amber shades could be light or dark and have a copper tint with touch of green-hazel and brown.

What Causes Amber Eyes?

What Causes Amber Eyes?

Just like other colours of the eye, amber colour is a function of genetics and heredity. The two factors that influence the eye colour are:

a) pigmentation of iris
b) scattering of light around the iris.

The hues are influenced by the amount of melanin present in our eyes.  We believe eye colour is a function of the iris. But it not true. The eye colour of a person is determined by the amount of melanin present and how light gets dispersed across this base of the melanin.

Some Amazing facts about eye colour

Some Amazing facts about eye colour

The factors that can influence the golden eye colour are:

• Type of Lightning: Light can influence the colour of your eyes. Light strength that reflects on the iris will intensify or diminish ocular appearance.
• When you are outside, the intensity of the solar rays will be more so iris will have different intensities.
• Your clothing, colours around you can also affect the colour of your eyes. Browns, greens and blues can bring out melanin flecks from iris.
• Your make up also influences your eye colour. If you wear green eye shadow it will accentuate the natural amber. It also gives the effect of chameleon eyes.
• The state of your emotions also influences the colour of your eye. As an example, if you are depressed and crying, other people may perceive your eyes as dark.
• If you use alcohol, downers, opioids, uppers or any other substance, it will make your pupil become larger. Eyes will also look glossier.

Myths associated with eye colour

Myths associated with eye colour

Some of the myths associated with amber eyes are:

• People with amber eyes are more beautiful and attractive
• Women with amber eyes have supernatural powers
• Amber eyes are equivalent to dark spots on face
• Men with amber eyes have longer lasting relationships
• Amber eyed people make the best lovers
• They are more spiritually connected to the higher power
• Generally, their sun sign is Leo.
• If you put honey in your eyes, they will turn amber. No, they won’t but you may turn blind. That’s a fact.

Celebrities Who Have Amber Eyes

Celebrities Who Have Amber Eyes




Since this colour is really rare so there are only a handful of celebrities who are amber eyed. Here are some of them:

• Courtney Calkin
• Bella Swan
• Michelle McLaughlin
• Amanda Righetti
• Dayna Devon
• Emily Harrison
• Gabriel Valenzuela
• Michael Noher
• Hugo Steele
• Edward Cullen
• Alexandra Liao
• Emmanuel Delcour
• Sarah Wright
• Nicole Richie
• Edward Cullen

Difference Between Amber and Hazel Eyes

Difference Between Amber and Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have flecks of yellow or red. Amber eyes are a golden hue. So, don’t get confused between hazel eyes and amber eyes. Amber and hazel are confused together because hazel eyes have amber and gold colour specs but they also have other hues like orange, green and brown. Hazel eyes also have ripples and flecks which shift in colour and amber eyes have a golden hue. People with amber eyes have gold tint in them.

  • Personality Traits associated with Amber Eyes
  • People having amber eyes are said to have wolf eyes..
  • Like wolves, these people are social animals and have a great urge to fit in.
  • They are also cunning and alluring and are very sexy and appealing.
  • These people are great conversationalists, trustworthy compassionate and gentle.
  • They like outdoor activities like camping and are very adventurous.
  • They have a lot of internal strength and are deep and profound and also sensitive towards various issues.
  • Some people with this eye colour are really mysterious. They will not divulge the secrets of their lives to many people.
  • They are also passionate about their lives. They are dominant and can easily adapt to any situation.
  • Amber eyed people are vibrant and full of positive energy so they tend to have a lot of friends.

Amber eyes

Bottom Line

The colour of your eye is unique. No two people can have the same colour unless they are identical twins. It is silly but some people believe that amber eyes happen due to the aliens that visited the earth from other galaxy. According to this theory, these creatures injected DNA in the human’s DNA pool. But when you look at the other life forms on our planet, you will notice that there are a variety of different colours

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