7 annoying things boyfriends do all the time


Being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling. During the initial days, you get to know a lot of things about your partner. But, slowly as the time passes you realize that there a lot of things about your partner that are quite annoying. Well, I think that’s what love is all about. For a perfect relationship, we all need to accept our partners with their flaws as no one is perfect. And remember that you are not the only one who is annoyed with his habits. Here is the list of annoying things boyfriends do.

1. When he eyes over your share of food after getting done with his.

When-he-eyes-over-your-share-of-foodImage Source: thetab

2. Making annoying faces when you talk about your guy friend.

Making-annoying-facesImage Source: oprah

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3. Hair ruffling is cute. But it’s not good when you have spent hours to get that perfect look.

Hair-rufflingImage Source: dailydot

4. When he replies only to the part of your message.

When-he-replies-only-to-the-part-of-your-messageImage Source: kinja-img

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5. When you’re talking to him, and he just thinks that occasional ahh and hmm is fine.

When-youre-talking-to-himImage Source: rbl

6. Trying to make mushy faces to cool you down when you are angry.

Trying-to-make-mushy-facesImage Source: wimp
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7. When he calls to meet for things that could have easily been texted.

When-he-calls-to-meet-for-thingsImage Source: elcomercio

So, these were the few annoying things boyfriends do.

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