20 Best Deodorants for Women to Smell Heavenly and Fresh


Everyone wants to smell fresh and fragrant, especially during the summers. Hence, a perfume or a deodorant becomes our best ally during summers. Whether you are out travelling or going for a meeting, a perfume or a deodorant becomes a necessity to smell pleasant. To help you smell pleasantly without burning a hole in your wallet, we have compiled the 20 best deodorants for women that you must checkout.

The key points of this article are:

• 20 best and affordable perfume/deodorant for women
• How you can keep smelling good the entire day?
• What to look for when buying a deodorant spray?

1. Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll On (Rs. 185)

Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll On

You can apply this roll-on deodorant on your skin directly to help it smell fresh throughout the day. This is made up of a no-alcohol formula which is dermatologically tested for safety and effectiveness on the skin.

2. Nivea Fresh Natural Spray (Rs. 199)

Nivea Fresh Natural Spray

This natural spray-on deodorant is a subtle yet beautiful fragrance. This is suitable for all skin types and does not irritate the skin. It contains avocado extracts which keeps the skin hydrated and fragrant.

3. Eva Wild Deodorant Spray (Rs. 150)

 Eva Wild Deodorant Spray

This deodorant fights body odour and keeps your body smelling fresh for long hours. It also keeps the skin smooth and soft with its moisturizing formula.

4. Vanesa Desire Deo Mist (Rs. 150)

Vanesa Desire Deo Mist

This deodorant is alcohol-free which means it is completely harmless on your skin. It promises long-lasting fragrance which lasts for almost a day.

5. Secret Temptation Romance (Rs. 190)

Secret Temptation Romance

If you are looking for a fragrance which is natural and sweet at the same time, this one is for you. The combination of sweet, floral and citrusy fragrances makes this one stand out from the list.

6. Yardley English Lavender (Rs. 190)

Yardley English Lavender

For women who prefer fruity and flowery smells, Yardley is your best option. This one, in particular, has lavender scent which is very mild yet very refreshing. It also lasts for a long time and isn’t harsh on the skin.

7. Engage Woman Deo Spray – Abandon (Rs. 170)

Engage Woman Deo Spray – Abandon

This scent is made with a blend of floral and citrus fragrances and smells sweet and romantic. This is perfect for a romantic date or a disco night.

8. Archies She Is Clubber Deodorant (Rs. 225)

Archies She Is Clubber Deodorant

When you are in a mood to just chill with your bunch of people, you need a deodorant which goes with your mood. This one suits the mood. You can definitely rely on this one to keep you fresh and lively.

9. Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant (Rs. 199)

Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant

Its dreamy scent will set your mood for the day. Whether you feel like lounging around or going out for a brunch, this fragrance won’t fail to surprise you.

10. Nike Azure Woman Deodorant spray (Rs. 279)

Nike Azure Woman Deodorant spray

For ladies who like to smell active and badass, Nike’s deodorant sprays are the perfect pick. It makes you smell strong and sweet at the same time- a rare yet very sought after combination.

11. Fogg Black Reveal Fragrance Body Spray (Rs. 230)

Fogg Black Reveal Fragrance Body Spray

This antiperspirant leaves behind a cool sensation immediately after applying on the skin. It protects you against sweat and body odor in the heat.

12. Ekoz Glamorama Red Deodorant (299)

Ekoz Glamorama Red Deodorant

This deo gives a dreamy fragrance that one simply can’t resist. It is a blend of both floral and fruity smells which are hard to find in other deodorants under this price bracket.

13. Beverly Hills Polo Club 9 Misourie Gold Body Fragrance for Women (Rs. 250)

Beverly Hills Polo Club 9 Misourie Gold Body Fragrance for Women

This spray will make you smell like a jasmine throughout the day. It keeps the body cool in the extreme heat and has a calming effect on it.

14. Nike Fission Women Deo Spray (Rs. 279)

Nike Fission Women Deo Spray

After a refreshing shower, spray this refreshing antiperspirant to uplift your mood and smell like a Greek goddess for the entire day. This is considered to be one of the best long-lasting deodorants in India.

15. Oriflamme Silk Beauty White Glow Roll On (209)

Oriflamme Silk Beauty White Glow Roll On

This roll-on acts like a deodorant as well as moisturizer! Yes, it keeps your skin smooth, fresh, and fragrant throughout the day! You might not even need to reapply it!

16. Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL – Romance (299)

Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL – Romance

As the brand name says, this is a luxurious deodorant spray with a rich fragrance. Lady, if you apply it, your man is definitely going to love it! It would become difficult for him to resist your charm and fragrance.

17. Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick (60)

Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick

This is a pocket-friendly deodorant which you can easily carry while on the go! It has a beautiful fragrance which is going to last for several hours straight.

18. Lust by Sunny Leone (235)

Lust by Sunny Leone

This one promoted by Sunny Leone has a refreshing aroma that will keep you lively and energized. It is mild with a sensual smell which would help you survive the summers with ease.

19. Park Avenue Premium Perfume, Regal (230)

Park Avenue Premium Perfume, Regal

Enriched with various aromatic oils, this fragrance is likely to last for about 12 hours, if not more! Isn’t that great! Reapplication is clearly not required with this one!

20. Spinz Deo, Enchante (190)

Spinz Deo, Enchante

Best for daily use, this Spinz deo is good for college-goers. As it has a very subtle fragrance, it would help you smell good throughout the day!

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