The Best of Katrina Kaif!


The ‘Bang Bang’ lady of 5 feet 8.5 inches has created a ‘Boom’ in the hearts of people through her ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’ looks. Every man wants to have a ‘Partner’ like her to provide a beautiful and loving support to their ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’. Well, any guesses who is that diva? Yes, you nailed it right! That’s the most stunning and sexy beauty, Katrina Kaif!!! 😀

katrina kaif1


Though she may not be having that bang on acting skills, but, you cannot beat her in looks.  And that’s the reason why she is called the number one actress in Bollywood. She has worked with almost all top heroes of the industry, has best endorsement brands after her and has even been able to maintain her position in the industry by giving various hits. Let’s have a peek into her world so that we can know about her best things. 😉

# The Firang Appeal

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This British diva never leaves a chance to impress with her milky white complexion and her accent. The way she tries to mold her accent into Hindi dialogues is simply beautiful. This quality has definitely helped in cementing her position as number one among other heroines. More above this, Bollywood craves for such unique beauties and wants more of them, but, for now, Kat is serving well to their purpose!

firang appeal of katrina kaif1


firang appeal of katrina kaif2


# Her Mesmerizing Looks

According to her, ‘beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and making them most of what you have been blessed with’. How true na? She has the true knowledge of which style goes best with her and what exactly she needs as a makeover. She is 31 but, still she can very well play the role of a cute college going girl. She is really a treat to the eyes!

mesmerizing look of katrina kaif1


mesmerizing look of katrina kaif2


# Dazzling Screen Presence

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Acting opposite A-listers of the industry do not actually require great acting skills, but, one needs to excel in his/her performance. Well, appealing to this criteria, Kat has a dazzling screen presence that is enough to overshadow other actresses acting talent. Her cute yet sexy appearance combined with the charm of her pear shaped body is enough to make anyone fall in love with her.

Dazzling Screen Presence of katrina


Dazzling Screen Presence of katrina2


# Her Fit Body Type

She is blessed with the perfect body fit to match the competition of on-screen macho and six pack abs heroes. Her smooth curves and great body built easily can be paired with any hero. Be it Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or even Hrithik Roshan, she gets settled well with any of them on screen.

katrina Fit Body Type


katrina Fit Body Type2


# Shiny And Long Hair

How I can forget her long and smooth hair which suits well to her personality. Besides having a sexy body shape and great dancing skills, she has also been gifted with the charming power of long black hair.

katrina long hair


katrina long hair2


This is not the end, but, it’s just that she has much more which cannot be discussed in this small piece of writing. But yeah, I have tried to bring in most of her best features in it. Well, all I can say to conclude is that, she is the epitome of beauty and skills who is establishing her roots very well in this industry. 🙂

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