Best of Breasts!


Breast enhancement isn’t something new any longer. Lots of non-entities to famous personalities have undergone the surgery and upped their confidence. But still there are imperative things to be kept in mind if you are planning to undergo one. Besides, sharing with you some vital points, we’ll also take a look at some Bollywood and Hollywood actresses, whom most of us visualize as beauty goddesses with perfect and chiseled bodies, but have undergone the surgery (be it augmenting or reducing) and got the boobs job done.


Here are some important things points that should be kept in mind before you finalize on your decision:
Please ensure that the clinic/hospital where you are undergoing surgery has a proven past in such cases.
Your doctor too should have done such surgeries and to see and understand the repercussions direct from the horse’s mouth, try meet 2-3 patients who have undergone the same.
Smoking – Now that’s another very vital point one has to keep in mind. Stop or try quit smoking, if you are making up your mind to get the enhancement done.
Try to do away with alcohol as well. Since doctor might not go ahead with the surgery unless you stop drinking and smoking a few days prior to treatment, it’s better to put the full stop on your own.
Workout is great. But again, be cautious and don’t indulge in overdoing exercises that cause strain and pain in body.
Also make sure to discuss each and every medication, you are taking or have taken a few days ago, with your doctor.
Most importantly, stay on a healthy and well nutrient diet and don’t binge on junk food and unhealthy drinks.
Remember, since breast augmentation surgery cost varies from city to city, to get the best estimate cost try contact several local surgeons and find out about their approximate cost involved in the entire procedure.
Now, let’s take a look at some of your favorite actresses who have already undergone the procedure and turned out to be goddesses and hot divas for countless fans across the globe.

# Kangana Ranaut


Can we afford to miss out on her? Especially after her stupendous acting in her latest flick ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ that has made her front page news on almost all leading papers and magazines. Though whole lot of media reported that she has undergone the job, the actress has trashed the news. But it isn’t something that needs to be slide under the cover and neither can they be hidden from paparazzi!

# Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen Plastic Surgery-1Source:

This lanky model turned actress who’s been featured in various Bollywood movies is one of the first few famous pretty faces who went under the knife and got the job done. No wonder, her journey from Miss Universe to burning the silver screen has been as beautiful as she is. And her looks only get better with every passing day!

# Bipasha Basu


This Bong beauty is already a hottie at her best. But it seems, even despite her sexy figure, she couldn’t resist the enhancement job. Well, it seems to have worked for her as she has only become sexier.

# Mallika Sherawat


When it comes to sexiness and bareness, Mallika surely tops the list. Though hasn’t been in news for her movies for some time now, but her butts and cleavage has always been, if not in news, in the mind of her followers.

# Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia Plastic SurgerySource:

This Bollywood babe has undergone the knife. Looking at her debut and then later pictures would make it clear how well the job was done. And needless to say, it worked wonders for her highlighted her X factor.

# Poonam Pandey


This child of controversies, be it with her semi-nude pics on twitter or when she promised to go completely bare after India won the world cup, she has done it all. And to tell that she too has got silicone implants, shouldn’t be a big news!

# Shilpa Shetty


This sultry actress now the owner of Rajasthan Royals IPL team and a mother too is one of the leading names who underwent a knife to get the best of her body. We all know she’s a health and yoga freak and combined them all and you get a curvy figure like Shilpa’s.


# Pamela Anderson


This Baywatch babe who shot to fame with her hot video controversy has always had one of the most admired figures to die for. Renowned for her bums and boobs, Pamela is known to have augmented, reduced and augmented her breasts again. Yes, twice she got it done!

# Nicole Kidman


This Hollywod babe and ex wife of Tom Cruise has all the beauty in her world at her feel and in her looks. But probably to put a cherry on the cake, she has undergone the breast surgery. Looking at her pictures, it seems to have clicked for her. Though she has always been a favorite of many for her looks and acting skills!

# Salma Hayek


Now, it doesn’t make many believe that this Mexican and American babe has undergone the surgery but this actress who is known for her lot of charitable work was quite about the fact that she has got it done. In fact, part of charitable work includes advocating breast feeding. Now, isn’t that something makes her prettier inside too!

# Victoria Beckham


Her second name got her much more recognition than her own name. Being better half of the world renowned footballer and hunk David Beckham is no less a challenge for a woman who has to face die-hard, maddening and prettiest of the lot fans in almost every nation across the globe. To make sure the footballer has his eyes on the right ‘balls’, getting the boob job done was surely one of the significant decisions for Victoria. But later there were news that she got them removed. Now, who knows what the truth behind, or under the top is!

So buddies, did you notice no matter how prettier or gorgeous you are, there are chances that you want more? But, like always, we advise you to be wise in taking the decision, when it comes to playing with your body. Stay sexy babes….