Beware! This Ingredient in Your Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer!


Do you know that you’re brushing your teeth with rat poison or a shoe polish? Yes, it is true! There are some ingredients in the toothpaste which can be lethal for your health just as rat poison or shoe polish would be. A research has concluded that most of the dental hygiene products are full of toxins that can cause serious illness like cancer.

But the question arises here is, how to identify the ingredients that are carcinogens? How to know that your toothpaste contains them? before purchasing them, just read the ingredient list thoroughly. If there is an ingredient called Triclosan, just keep the tube back in the shelf!

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Why is Triclosan Dangerous for Health?
You will find this ingredient commonly in most of the toothpastes, deodorants, soaps etc as it is one of the most used antibacterial. It ceases the growth of the microbes and prevents the product from getting perished.

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Triclosan is listen under harmful pesticide by United Stated Environmental Protection Agency. Though the manufacturing companies claim that triclosan is completely safe to use. But many health agencies have confirmed that, triclosan if used for prolonged period, can be lethal. It gradually gets collected in the liver cells and the adipose tissues. It is a notorious endocrine disruptor. It also proliferates the cancerous cells in breast. Prolonged use of triclosan can cause hormonal imbalance and breast cancer. It has also been found to be the reason behind many heart diseases.

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Few other chemicals that are found in toothpaste and are lethal for human consumption are: Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), hydrated silica, and FD&C Blue Dyes 1 and 2.

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So its high time to switch to the herbal toothpaste. Stay away from triclosan as much as possible. They are nothing but slow poison!

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