Bra Size Calculator


How to Calculate Bra Size?

wanna know your bra

Band Size:



Usually Smaller than the bust size. i.e. 42

Bust Size:
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Usually larger than the band size. i.e. 55

and your bra size is


[Learn How to Choose a Right Bra According to your Body Shape]

Hope your find to easy bra size calculator. Is it 32, 34, 36… B, C, D?? Grrr… getting the right size and right fit has never been so easy…has it? I guess I hear unanimous YES!! Well, from finding the smallest size 28A (does 28A exist? I doubt!) to a 48G (OMG!!) it is either the wrong cup size or band size that sucks. There is never been the perfect combo of two..Ahhh!

Buying bra can be more knotty than deciding on the menu for dinner. The right kind of bra helps you accentuate your curve, cover your flaws, and make your ‘awesome twosome’ look ‘fuller’. In fact, it can ‘lift’ your mood and be your trusted friend all day and night…. Yes at night too 😛 .

The secret to a perfect looking bust is to know your right size- yes darlings ! Wearing your right size is what is most important. Knowing what type of bra suits your figure type and what fabrics you must choose .. all are important.But first let me start with the most important thing , in case you guys are sure that you know your size ,I would still suggest confirming it !! 🙂

How to Measure Bra Size?

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