10 Classic Indian Advertisements That Will Take You Back to Good Old Days



Whether you loved them or hated them there is no way you can neglect them. Confused?Well, we are talking about the TV commercials of the old days. And if someone ever told me to recite the Nirma Song, I can still sing it in a single breath. We will agree on this that there were few special TV advertisements that somehow stuck in mind. So, here in this article, we have shared some classic Indian advertisements that have been the part of the golden age of television.

1. Dhaara oil- Dhaara Dhaara Shuddh Dhaara

Image Source: youtube
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Only one thing pops into my mind after seeing this which is “JALEBI”.

2. Nirma- Washing powder Nirma

Image Source: youtube

We can still recite the jingle word by word which was like Doodh si safedi, Nirma se aaye.

3. Lijjat- Lijjat Papad

Image Source: youtube

Remember, how that bunny used to say Aahah Lijjat Papad.

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4. Dermi cool- Chubti Jalti Garmi

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Image Source: youtube

Till now this Ad resembles the arrival of summer.

5. Ponds- Googly Woogly Woosh

Image Source: youtube

One of the quirkiest jingle by far.

6. Airtel- Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Image Source: youtu

After it was released, it became the friendship anthem all over the nation.

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7. Mentos- Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De

Image Source: youtu

This ad displayed the human evolution in a really cool way.

8. Hutch- You and I In This Beautiful World

Image Source: youtu

After the release of this Ad, the pug became the Vodafone’s brand ambassador.

9. Amul- Amul, The Taste Of India

Image Source: youtu

This is an evergreen one and we all know this fact that Amul is the taste of India.

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10. Cadbury Silk- Kiss me

Image Source: youtu

Even the cadbury bubbly was cute.

So, these were the few classic Indian advertisements.


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