7 Things You Never Clean at Home but You Should


People nowadays are very concerned about their health and fitness. And keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic is important part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps infections and diseases at bay. But, even after ensuring cleanliness at home, there are chances you might miss out some things to clean which accumulate a lot of dust and lead to infections. So, to prevent that from happening, we have listed some things you never clean at home but you should.

1. Carpets

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Generally, carpets accumulate a lot of dust quickly especially if you have pets and kids in your house. Ideally, you should clean your house carpets once in a week using a vacuum cleaner to keep it dust free. Regular cleaning of carpets prevents accumulation of dust and makes cleaning an easier task.

2. Soft toys

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As soft toys are furry, they easily accumulate dust and dirt which increase the chances of getting affected by allergies. So, it is suggested that you should clean your soft toys once a month. Just put the soft toys in the washing machine with a tablespoon of fabric softener and wash.

3. Showerheads

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Well, this is one place which becomes a storehouse of dirt & bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Generally, you should clean the showerheads by wiping it with a dry cloth every week. But, you can also try soaking it in a plastic bag with a solution of water and vinegar for 3 minutes, then followed by scrubbing, washing, and pat drying.

4. Books

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If you are a book lover then, it is pretty obvious that you have a whole stack of books at home. Well, that’s amazing, but it is also important that you keep them clean by dusting them off every week. Just take a small microfiber cloth and your job is done. This simple tip will not only keep your books in good condition but will also ensure that your house stays infection free.

5. Shoe Rack

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This is another area which is generally neglected. Well, to keep the shoe rack dust-free, you just need to clean it once a week with a cloth. And if you do this regularly then, there would be no accumulation of dirt on the shoe rack, and you don’t need to worry about your pretty shoes getting dirty.

6. Inside washing machine

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There are chances that your machine might build up lint or molds. So, to prevent that from happening, it is suggested that you run an empty machine with a cup of bleach occasionally. This will to keep the washing machine clean from within.

7. Mattress

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No matter how careful you are, there are chances that your mattress gets stained. And in such situation, the best solution to keep your mattress clean is by rubbing it with a diluted detergent using a clean cloth. After that, again clean it using normal water.

So, these were the few things you never clean at home but you should.

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