Correct Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for Your Skin Type


Lots of ladies get convinced with the convincing commercials of sunscreens…sexy models laying on the seashore, having fun, playing volleyball, scantily clad, braving the scorching sun and still remained fair-skinned… But is it actually possible??? Ohh Plzz… it never happens in the real world… No doubt sunscreens help a lot to beat the heat, but they are not magic wands …

So girls, just get out of this misconception that with sunscreens, you won’t bake when step outdoors… but yeah, you won’t sweat buckets for sure… so let’s have a look at the entire funda of SPF, its complete range and how much SPF is perfect for your skin type…

Did you know it is not only the SPF range that matters i.e. SPF 14, 30, 40 and 50 as mentioned on the sunscreen moisturizers or lotions? In fact, the form of SPF also plays a major role … According to a skin specialist, an ideal SPF range for Indian skin is SPF 15… around 93% to 97% of sun rays can get protected with this SPF range. But despite of the range, skin type is also very important…

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Perfect Way to determine Perfect SPF for your Skin Type!!!


  • SPF for Normal skin: This specific skin type is the least problematic. The reason is that the skin tissue doesn’t reveal any oil traces and looks smooth, clean even in summers. People with normal skin type must look for cream-based sunblocks.
  • SPF for Oily skin: This is actually one of the problematic types of skin. Face got the spots of oil near the areas of forehead, nose and cheeks. Also, the face appears shiny, coarse, thick and greasy and has enlarged visible facial pores that lead to acne breakout. Aqua or gel-based SPF formulations are perfect for oily skin. It includes a drying effect and doesn’t make your skin appear greasy.



  • SPF for Dry skin: Dry skin contains lower sebum level and can become more prone to sensitivity. This skin type bears a parched appearance due to its failure of retaining moisture. Skin feels uncomfortable and tight after washing unless any cream or moisturizer is applied. Moisturizing or Lotion based SPF is best for people with dry skin. While choosing for right sunblock, you need to keep in mind that thickness is necessary in sunscreens to guard skin from sun damage. Thus, always pick sunblocks which are not light and thick (matte finish, for example). Remember, the higher the SPF range is, the oilier is the formulation.


So follow the aforementioned guidelines and pick the perfect Sunblock for your skin type to avoid dousing yourself with ice cold water again and again…

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