Yummy And Delicious Foods To Eat in This Rainy Season!


Monsoon! Ah, the perfect season, where our tongue craves for some lip-smacking food. It is the perfect blend of all the seasons and the moderate weather usually pleases almost everyone! With such an amazing weather around, we naturally find it hard to resist eating Spicy, hot, sweet and what not, dishes. Looking to enhance your monsoon mood? Here are some delicious foods to eat in this Rainy Season

1. Cutting Chai+ Rainy Season= Perfect Combo!

Do you know what will make monsoon more pleasant? If you are thinking of masala chai, you are absolutely correct. This combination can never go wrong. When it comes to the cold rainy season, nothing can beat ginger tea or masala tea. Whether you are at home or on a street, tea and rain merger always pleases your mood!

Cutting Chai+ Rainy Season= Perfect Combo!Image Source: ytimg

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2. Crispy Pakora and Bhajiya

While it’s pouring down, eating sizzling hot bhajiyas or pakoras is almost everyone’s favorite. I bet no one can hold themselves back when it comes to hot pakoras, with spicy fried chilies and cutting chai! You can also eat them with pudina (fresh mint) chutneys or tomato ketchup.

 Crispy Pakora and BhajiyaImage Source: ytimg

3. Bhutta (Corn)-Best Bet among Delicious Foods to Eat in This Rainy Season

Bhutta is a corn stick, which is cooked over a coal in a traditional way. The burnt flavor is what makes this food the best. You can eat bhutta by topping it up with tangy masala, salt, lemon, red chili powder and black pepper. Trust me! Eating hot bhutta in monsoon gives an amazing feeling!

Bhutta (Corn)-Best Bet among Delicious Foods to Eat in This Rainy SeasonImage Source: blogspot

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4. Vada Pav

This is one of the best mouth-watering Mumbai snacks one can eat in the rainy season! The hot and spicy vadas in pav are ideal combinations to go for. You can eat vada pav along with chutneys and can have fried green chilies along with it.

Vada PavImage Source: thespruceeats

5. Chatpati Chaats-Indulge Your ‘Spicy’ Tooth, Different among Delicious Foods in This Rainy Season

Whether eating chaat in your home comforts or outside, these spicy snacks always set your rainy mood few notches higher. Be it pani-puri, bhel, or other chaat items, these all go completely well with the rainy season. Adding a sweet and sour taste of chutney with chaat items can double your taste.

 Chatpati Chaats-Indulge Your ‘Spicy’ Tooth, Different among Delicious Foods in This Rainy SeasonImage Source: blogspot

6. Soup

When it is raining, the feeling of having a bowl of soup is like a long-asked for wish come true . It not only soothes your throat but also heightens your mood. The cold feeling of the rain outside along with the warm feeling of the soup is unparalleled. There are many soups available these days in the market such as tomato soup, hot and sour soup and many more. Moreover, You can make any flavored soup according to your taste buds in your kitchen and can enjoy the monsoon!

SoupImage Source: kulinare

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If you haven’t yet tried these tasty food items in the rainy season, , give them a try this time around! After reading this, I guess you would like to add some more delicious items to this list. If so, do share with us these in the comment section!

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