Denmark Bans the Burqa and Niqab in Public Places


Women are always subjected to restrictions and discriminations. And with the every passing year, we move ahead with a hope that things will change for better but, sooner or later we get some news that just crushes all our hopes. French was the first country who rolled the dice by banning burqas in the year 2011. And soon after that many countries joined in which includes Belgium, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. Now, Denmark bans the burqa and has become the most recent European country to ban full-face veils by making it unlawful at public places. And those who break this law will be fined.

Denmark Bans the BurqaImage Source: npr

However, the legislature has cleared that this law is not particular for the Muslim women it says that anyone who hides their face with a garment will be fined and punished for breaking the law. While the lawmakers are arguing on the fact that a veil is a form of violation because covering faces is not the part of the Danish culture. But, if you look at the other picture of this situation, telling women what to wear and not to wear is also a violation of their personal rights and freedom. And this entire situation is also pointing towards the religious intolerance towards the Islam which is surely going to have a negative impact on the society.

Denmark Bans the BurqaImage Source: malaymail

According to the stats, around 200 women in Denmark wear niqabs and burqas which is very less number for a state to think of about exclusion of the veiled women in the country. On the other hand, it is also argued that, if this exclusion would take place then this would be divide non-Muslims and Muslims creating more issues than the current one.

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Denmark Bans the BurqaImage Source: truecolumn

On the same issue, the former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron also agreed that people should be allowed to wear what they want to wear. But, they need to show their faces when demanded by the authorities stated in 2016.

But, the current situation is only restricting all the Muslim ladies and forcing them to shut themselves in the house which is again leading our society towards a gloomy world. Don’t you think it should be a right of a women to choose their own choice of clothing? If a society really wants to empower women then, they need to allow to make their own choices. And government should also try to respect their choices and allow the freedom that they deserve. Is it something more to ask?

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