Changing Trends in the Festival of Rakshabandan


Rakshabandan is an age-old festival which lays emphasis on the lovely bond shared between a brother and a sister. This festival is celebrated in the month of Shraavana on the first Purnima (full-moon night). It is a festival which is harbinger of love and hope. On this day, sisters tie a thread called ‘rakhi’ around the wrists of their brothers and the brothers, in turn, give them gifts and vow to protect them.

The festival of Rakshabandhan may have begun in the Vedic era, but it is still going strong and is loved by all- young and old alike.

Gone are the days when sisters would lovingly make Rakhis and tie them on their brothers’ arm and the brothers would give them money and small gifts. The scenario has completely changed now. This festival has turned into a big business boom and markets are flooded with a plethora of products which cater to the needs of brothers as well as sisters. Let us take a look at the changing trends in the celebration of this festival and the products that are available in the markets.

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1. The markets are flooded with Rakhis. Rakhis with cartoon characters like Doraemon and Ben-10 are very popular among kids.


2. The newest trend this year is fidget rakhis which have spinners attached to the Rakhi. These spinners can be detached from the Rakhis and can be used as toys.

img_spinner rakhi_2019_081

3. For bling loving brothers, the market is flooded with studded blingy Rakhis.


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4. Diamond, gold and silver Rakhis are also available in the market. These cater to the needs of the rich people.

img_gold-silver-diamond rakhi2019_081

5. Rakhis are not exclusively being marketed for males, female Rakhis are a big trend these days. Highly decorated Rakhis for your sister in law are in vogue.


6. Brothers and sisters who live far away from each other and for some reason cannot make it for Rakhi have the option of using e-Rakhi.

The scene of gifts that are received by the sisters has also changed. In return, sisters get chocolates, designer dresses, jewellery, gift vouchers, foreign destination tours and sometimes spa appointments too as gifts.

Whatever the change in the scenes of gifts and Rakhis, what is still unchanged is the beauty and fervor with which this festival is still celebrated all over India.

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