Diwali Special- Badam Ladoo Recipe


There is no shortage of sweets on Diwali. But unfortunately, all those sweets are quite unhealthy and you might feel guilty while having them. This made me realize that why not post some healthier dessert recipes to the Diwali menu so that the guilt is kind of balanced somehow. So here is a healthy Diwali special recipe which is the badam ladoo. Made with just four ingredients, it can be prepared under 30 minutes. Do you still need more reasons to try it?
Here is a step by step recipe of the same.

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Almonds/badam- 130 grams
Jaggery- 60 grams
Raisins- 2 tbsp.
Green cardamom- seeds from 3 pods
1. Heat a thick bottomed pan. Turn the flame to low and add the almonds to the pan.
2. Roast the almonds on a low heat while stirring occasionally.
3. Roast the almonds until they are darker in colour as well as crunchy.
4. Once the almonds are roasted, add the raisins to the pan and stir along.
5. Turn off the flame and transfer the almonds and raisins to a plate. Allow the almonds to cool down a bit.
6. Once almonds have cooled down a bit, transfer the almonds and the raisins along with the cardamom seeds to a grinder.
7. Add the jaggery to the grinder as well.
8. Grind the mixture for a few seconds. Open the lid and check the consistency. Mix the mixture with a spoon and grind again everything is turned into a fine powder/paste consistency.
9. To check it the powder is holding its shape, take some mixture in your hands and try to give it the shape of a ladoo. If it holds the shape your mixture is ready to use. If it crumbles, then you need to grind it for some more time.
10. Once you have achieved the right consistency, remove the mixture into a plate.
11. Take small amounts of the mixture and start shaping them into ladoos.
12. Prepare all the ladoos in a similar manner.
13. Store the ladoos in an airtight jar in the refrigerator.
14. Serve them as a healthy Diwali dessert/snack.

badam-ladoo-recipe-1Image Source: ytimg

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