Easy and Best Skin Care ways for Employed Women


From the sunny mornings till the dark nights moving like a shuttle from one string to another is what defines a working woman’s life best when she has a family to take care of as well.

You always want to do the best for everybody connected to you, you want to perform and outshine and yet be the perfect wife and mom and be always there for them, all this takes a toll on you and you forget the most important part of your life that is YOU.

You forget completely about yourself forget your looks, so when sometimes you bump into someone dazzling and pretty ,you just feel that pinch of jealousy and soon dismiss it too, thinking you don’t have time for all this .

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Honestly, time is no constraint if you manage it well. So think deeply and for once start loving yourself and you will see how easily you can manage things and find that ME –time soon.

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Consider this your wakeup call and start with this simple daily regime to pamper you and look pretty and groomed, because you deserve it.

Step 1 Mornings are the toughest generally for every working woman considering the time constraint, but by just choosing the right product and right method you would not only save time but look pretty and radiant as well.

  • Cleansing your face with a good neutral and mild face wash and moisturizing it lightly with a non fragrant moisturizer will save your skin from getting dehydrated.
  • The moment you step out of your house you feel the pollution ready to damage your skin, so always remember to conceal your moisturizer within your skin by some good concealing cream which is not sticky and should be with sun protection
  • Always remember to use non oil based products which do not attract dust and dirt for fresher look throughout the day.
  • Do not forget to protect your lips with a neutral lip balm or lip creams that are light and even taste good .If you are used to wearing lipstick then choose a good quality lipstick so that it moisturizes your lips along with providing color.
  • Now voila! You are ready to go but never forget to wear shades to protect your eyes.

Step 2 – After you reach your office with all the protection. You take no time to realize how good it was to wear your all protection gadgets and then set for the day. All the traffic, pollution and long queues they all start showing on your face.

The office traditionally is closed and has artificial environment, so lot of heating, cold and breathing from one outlet only is what causes your skin to lose your natural color and be pale. So what you can opt for is a little walk in the natural air and breathe in some fresh air.

  • Along with fresh air you can just take two more minutes to wash off the morning grime and dirt with your favorite face wash if you have oily skin and then just in three strokes apply your light moisturizer.
  • If you wear lipstick and mascara with liners as well then you can opt for the wet tissues that have all the effect of cleaning and toning your skin and then apply little portions of your protection cream.
  • Drink plenty of fluids that is the way you keep your system fresh and clean and your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Choose fruit juices and fruits to keep your body free from free radicals and loaded with antioxidants for that always fresh look and charged mind.
  • Drink less tea and coffee, instead drink herbal tea or simple hot water if you can.
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Step 3 – This is the time when you just wind up your days work and are happy to be back to the warmth of your house.

  • This is the time you should be sure that you are sun protected as the setting sun is always powerful and can damage your skin to a large extent.
  • The UV rays make your skin rough and age faster so you have to be equally careful about your skin in the evenings. So use a good protection cream before leaving your office.
  • Make sure your hair and hands are covered if you drive a two wheeler as the rough winds can cause a lot of damage to your skin as well as your hair.
  • Be sure you do not starve yourself throughout the day, grab small meals and drink plenty of fluids to maintain your energy levels and metabolism.

Step 4 –  Happy to be back in your nest you again are busy like a bee and cook and wash for your family .Look into their regular needs and finally when you have done everything and are ready for a good night’s sleep, just give yourself your precious 10 minutes which will make you happy afterwards forever .Your night time regime you can extend a little and pamper yourself depending upon the availability of time.

  • Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly with a little Luke warm water, so that the pores open up and the dirt is removed properly.
  • Your second step should be toning and firming solutions which will help pores in closing back and thus fewer chances of infection and acne.
  • Third step should be light moisturizing lotion, it should be light so that the skin pores do not get blocked and you let your skin breathe and rejuvenate.
  • The same way you can clean your lips rub off the debris and residue of lipsticks and apply a soothing night balm to help them retain color and be smoother.
  • For lips to be pretty and crack free you can apply glycerin with crushed rose petals
  • The last but the most important step is to apply some under eye gels which are light and help the skin around your eyes to rejuvenate ,as the skin around eyes does not have any oil glands ,a regular supply is always welcome.

Now, you can say good bye to the day and sleep throughout the night with the satisfaction of doing your share for yourself.


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