Easy Styling Tips To Look Your Best This Diwali


Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals and is celebrated with great pomp and show. The festival marks the victory of love over hatred and is also known as the festival of lights. The celebrations last for almost a week, where family and friends spend time with each other, exchange gifts, eat good food and have a great time. The best part of the celebration is that you get to dressed up. You can wear your best outfits and jewellery and look your best beautiful for the occasion. If you are all confused about how to look your best this Diwali, then here are some of the tips which might come handy.

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1. Go for ethnic- If you are like me then Diwali is one of the few occasions when you want to flaunt your ethnic wear. Anything from a saree to an anarkali would look great on this auspicious occasion. Traditional banarasi sarees or a kanjIvaram saree will be the perfect ensemble. Pair your outfit with some traditional gold jewellery to complete your look.

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2. Try fusion- If you are not a fan of the traditional Indian wear then you can create a fusion and turn it into an Indo-western outfit. A traditional skirt paired with a crop top choli would look great. A kurta paired with palazzo or straight cut pants is another great option to try.

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3. Colour- Apart from the designs and cuts you wear the colour of the dress also matters a lot. There are is a huge array of colours to choose from and you can wear almost any colour you want. Festive and bright colours look the best on such occasions. You can choose the colour according to the time at which you are going to attend the party. Most of the Diwali parties are held at night and thus deep dark colours would look best.

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4. Footwear- You will be a lot on your feet, dancing and walking all night around. Thus it is very important to wear a pair of footwear which is comfortable yet stylish. Flats are the most comfortable of all and you can choose one that has embellishments and stones on them for that festive vibe. If you want to wear heels, make sure that they are not too high. For this type of occasion where all you want to do is enjoy yourself without worrying about your heels, wedges are the best. This will give your height that boost without making you trippy.

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5. Jewellery- No Indian attire is complete without some jewellery. While selecting the jewellery keep in mind the outfit that you are going to wear. The jewellery must complement the outfit. If you are wearing something that has a lot of embellishments and embroidery on it then avoid wearing very heavy jewellery as it will look a bit too much. Go for a statement jewellery piece such as a chunky necklace or earrings etc.

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6. Go as per the theme- If you are going to a theme party then it is better to prepare your ensemble keeping that theme in mind. If the party is more about dancing drinking and having a fun time, then fusion outfits are perfect. But if it is more about the rituals, Pooja, etc. then it is better to wear something which is more traditional like a saree or an akarkali. Avoid wearing light colours as would get really difficult to get rid of the stains if you accidentally spill something on yourself.

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