Get Rid of Spiders and Other Insects with Just One Plant!


Do you hate it when these tiny monsters are trying to climb up your bed? Do you hate the thought of being woken up by a spider on your face? Well, these are just the possibilities that can happen when you uninvited guests (insects!) at your house. Why to let them live in your house when they’re not entitled to? Believe me, the pest control techniques only bring about the temporary respite from the insects. And they can cost you a lot! So here, we’ve brought about a cheap and best remedy to get rid of insects and other creepy crawlies permanently.

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All you need to have is a bottle of Peppermint oil which won’t cost you much. And you won’t be needing to flood your house with the smell of insect repellent sprays. Though, many brands now claim to have improved fragrance, but it doesn’t seem to be so. On the other hand, peppermint oil has a pleasant soothing fragrance which will relax your nerves while getting on the nerves of these gooey monsters. You can also get a potted plant at home if you don’t want to do the hard work.

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Both peppermint plant and peppermint oil is said to be an excellent insect repellent. They will easily piss off the insects while keeping you and your loved ones on the safer side. Peppermint is the best bet and pretty cheap as well. The thing is, these creepy crawlies hate the smell of peppermint. They find nauseating and overwhelming. Place the peppermint plants indoor at various places where you feel the insects are mostly inhabited. They can eliminate the insects while imparting a soothing fragrance to your house.

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If you’re having peppermint oil, spray some peppermint oil in the corners and around the windows. You can also spray the peppermint infused mint on your carpet, doormat and the curtains.

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