Girls Shouldn’t Depend on Men for these 10 Little Things!


Though, girls are capable of doing everything on their own. But there are some petty things that many women depend on men for. A woman is complete in herself. She’s beautiful, ambitious, caring, loving and what not. She is capable of getting herself everything she desires for, if she really pulls her socks up. There are many things that a man has been doing for you. But you know what? You need to count on yourself for these little things. Be your own knight in shining armour, be your own superhero.

1. Fix Things Yourself
Most of the women don’t know how to even fix a fuse wire. This shouldn’t be so. Just like men, you can also fix small electrical appliances on yourself. You need no man to do these small things for you. Painting your garden swing to mowing the lawn, a woman can take any task in her hands if she wants to.

attractive woman trying to repair the carImage Source: teresasgarage

2. Drive Your Car
Driving is no rocket science. And don’t believe in those memes telling you that women are the bad drivers. Tune into your favourite song, drive your car and run the errands by yourself. Impendence is the sweetest perfume you can have.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men2Image Source: oliverwillis
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3. Love Yourself
Why do you need a man to remind you that you’re beautiful? Don’t wait for a man to come and rekindle the self-love in you. Indulge in some self-pampering. Love yourself. Fall in love with your own life so that you won’t need rescuing at all.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men3Image Source: aolcdn

4. Change the Tyre
You don’t have to lift the car on your shoulders to get the tyre changed. Don’t call a guy to fix your flat tyre. Learn to change the tyre on your own. If you know how to drive a car, learn to manage the odds. In fact, it is one of the most important life skills that you should be knowing.

Woman Checking Tyre Pressure On CarImage Source: bbsocal

5. Handle Yourself When You’re Drink
Whenever you are out with your friends, remember this while gulping your drink down the throat. The only person who’s going to take you home safe is you. Drink sensibly. If you’re mature enough to drink, then be mature enough to handle yourself while being drunk. Control your own life.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men5Image Source: glamour

6. Hammer the Nails
Hammering a nail is easier than it seems. It doesn’t require that much strength. So, when you’ll be required to hang that photo frame on the wall, hammer the nail yourself.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men6Image Source: picdn

7. Make Your Own Drink
Why don’t you make your own drink? Why do you need a guy to do this for you? This time, prepare a drink for him instead. Show him that you’ve got the skills to prepare your own drink.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men7Image Source: gettyimages

8. Be Your Own Adviser
There will be many people who’ll be more than willing to offer their precious advice. Listen to them, there’s no harm to it. Trust yourself and take your decision without being influenced. You know yourself better than anyone else, right?

happy-womanImage Source: feelbetterrehab
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9. Work Hard
Let no one tell you that making round chapattis is the only skill you should possess. Be ambitious. Give what you’ve taken from your parents. Earn and splurge your money, instead of taking gifts from your man. Spend for your own dessert cravings.

Portrait of an executive professional mature businesswoman sitting on office desk in casual and smiling. Shallow focus.Image Source: thejewellerychannel

10. Manage Your Finances
You work and earn your money, then why let anyone else handle your expenses? Be your own financial adviser as well as manager. Know about taxes and all the bank work. Don’t make your brother, boyfriend or husband do the bank errands. Women have reached moon, here we’re asking you to do only these small things by your own.

girls-shouldnt-depend-on-men10Image Source: co

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