Shocking: Textbook Educate Students About Benefits of Dowry!


Education is the most important thing in a person’s life. The basic knowledge not only teaches you about various things but also makes you understand various aspects of life with the passing time. But a few days back a news broke out about a textbook which was promoting the age-old tradition of Dowry. On regular basis, we get to hear news on the topic sexism especially when it comes to women. Well, it is very common in a society which is full of inequality.

DowryImage Source: thenortheasttoday

As a normal literate person, we all except that the future learners should know the various aspects of the society. And we hope that the education system will help in promoting the right things among the students. But unfortunately, everything is happening exactly opposite to the expectations. It was very shocking to hear about a university’s sociology textbook which was promoting the various advantages of Dowry for ugly women.

DowryImage Source: intoday

We all know Dowry is a prohibited practice under which the married girl’s family has to give material things to the boy’s family. This exactly means that women will be accepted by a family only if she brings in the materials things with her. Really guys!

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This concept was taught to the BA students of St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru which states the various advantages of Dowry for ugly women. It becomes a top buzz when one the student posted it on social media and showed her distress towards it. A lot of people came up and gave their opinions on this matter.

After seeing this we can just say one thing, everything is changing with time and moving at a pace but still, there are some dark spaces left in the society which needs to brighten up so that the women can lead a peaceful and happy living in the future.