5 Useful Hacks to Apply Concealer in the Right Way



We all know this fact that makeup has the ability to turn a girl next door to a diva. But if it is not applied in the right way then it can create problems. And one such thing happens with concealer. Most of the people are confused that whether they have to apply concealer on the specific areas of the face or the entire face. Well, the answer is, on the specific areas as it is used to conceal or cover the spots, zits, pimples, and acne.

Applying concealer on the entire face is not right as it will make your makeup cackier. So, to avoid this mess, we have listed some useful hacks that you should keep in mind while you are to apply concealer to get a flawless finish.

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1. What comes first? Concealer or Foundation?

Concealer or Foundation?Image Source: beautifulwithbrains

Well, this completely depends on your skin problems. Like,

• If you have few skin problems to cover, then apply foundation first and then use concealer.
• And if you have a lot of blemishes, then conceal them first and then apply foundation.

2. How to use concealer for dark circles?

How to use concealer for dark circles?Image Source:  fashionztrend

This is a great cosmetic solution to cover dark circles. And the best way of applying the concealer under eyes is making a triangle below your eyes and then blend it. The area under the water line is the base of your triangle and the tip of the triangle will be towards your cheekbones. And the amount of concealer depends on the intensity of the dark circles.

3. Is it an ideal base for eye makeup?

Is it an ideal base for eye makeup?Image Source: psychologies

Well, the best base for eye makeup is the eye primer but if you don’t own a primer then you can hop onto concealer. First, apply the concealer on the eyelid and then apply a coat of eyeshadow. This hack makes the eyeshadow to stay for a longer period of time and also provides a smooth base for the eye makeup.

4. Which shade is the best?

Which shade is the best?Image Source:  dealdey

To get a perfect shade of concealer, try different shades before buying it. But the ideal shade is always one shade lighter than your original skin tone. So, always keep this in mind.

5. Use brush to apply concealer

Use brush to apply concealerImage Source:  shutterstock

You should always apply concealer with the brush. And remember to warm up your concealer with fingers as it will blend well. After applying concealer end it with using a translucent powder.

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So, these were a few hacks that you should keep in mind while applying concealer to get a fab look.

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