Here’s Why Newly Married Couples Have Milk on Their First Night!


Marriage is the union of two souls which somehow complete each other. This union is consummated on the first night of the marriage when their souls unite in a divine manner. The duo makes love to each other, expressing their heartfelt love. The man and the woman have many dreams regarding this special night of their life. The life never remains same for the bride and bridegroom after this holy night of sheer love. Those who are married know it very well that on the first night, we have this ritual of serving hot milk to the bridegroom. Those who aren’t married must be knowing this fact from the movies and internet. Today we are going to answer the frequently asked question: why bridegroom is served with hot milk on the first night?

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No one can get rid of the image on typical Indian newlywed from his mind. If we’re asked about the clichéd term Suhaagraat, we all start picturizing a timid woman dressed in all red entering the room with a glass of milk for her husband. Don’t we? Actually, this is the ritual associated with the first night of a couple. And this is not a simple milk, I must tell you. Certain other things are added to it apart from sugar. You mustn’t be knowing about the benefits of this special type of milk prepared exclusively for Suhaagraat. Then let me tell you about some of the benefits of this ‘special first-night milk’.

Benefits of this ‘First Night Milk’

This milk is as special as the love which blooms among the couples is. The milk is fortified with kesar, turmeric, sugar, black pepper, almonds and fennels seeds (saunf). Then the milk is boiled and served to the bridegroom.

1. Milk enhances the sex drive
Like we’ve told you before, the milk served on the first night contains black pepper as well almonds. These ingredients are known for increasing sex drive in a person. Apart from this, with the help of these ingredients, men are able to orgasm better during their first lovemaking act. Drinking this milk daily increases the sperm count and sperm motility.

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2. It calms you down and eases stress
Now the times have changed. Gone are those days when the bridegroom and the bride haven’t even seen each other’s face before that night itself. Earlier in those days, there was an air of stress and nervousness between the newlywed couples on their first night. The reason being obvious, they didn’t know each other! This milk reduces the stress and boosts up the vigour in men. The essence of kesar enhances the male sex hormones, which imparts a feeling of happiness in men. So to conclude it, this ‘special’ milk boosts up the ‘happy hormones’.

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3. It boosts energy and stamina
You must already be knowing how tiresome a typical marriage is, full of rituals and customs. Poor bridegroom feels weary after performing so many rituals that he’s not left with any energy to do the needful on his first night. The sugar in the milk provides enough calories to rejuvenate the energy and stamina in a man.

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4. It boosts immunity
Consuming turmeric, black pepper and fennel on the first night of the marriage are very beneficial for the bridegroom. All these ingredients added to the milk enhances the immune system of our body. When we have sex for the first time we are more prone to getting infections. In this case, milk with added goodness will reduce the risk significantly.

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5. Increases intimacy
If you know that a woman when enters her room with a glass of warm milk in her henna covered hands, it marks the beginning of intimacy between the newlywed couple. This intimacy is further heightened up when they both share the same glass of milk. Sharing reduces the stress and hesitation between the couple while adding to the warmth of their newly bonded relationship.

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