Here’s Why You Should Never Fall in Love with Your Best Friend!


You must have heard many romantic songs which sing all the glory to bestie’s love. But let me tell you, my friend, let those songs remain the songs only. If you’re thinking about dating your bestie, then beware! You might feel the butterflies in your stomach for a short while, but truly it can be a great nuisance for your life.

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Many people believe that no one can understand them better than their best friend. And this belief most of the times leads people into this misbelief that their best friend is their best life partner. Your bestie might have told you million times why it is the best option to have you as his partner. But trust me, this decision can be fatal for your life.

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Going on a date with someone is something very special for a person. But you’ve got to admit this, going on a date with your friend can get a little awkward. According to the experts, two best friends can prove to be a good couple only if their thoughts have an intersection at some point. If you’re completely paradox of each other, then dropping this decision off would be better for you both.

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So it is better to date someone else, instead of your best friend. This will not only save you from the unwanted chaos in your life but will also save your years-old friendship with your best friend. Convince your friend if he’s thinking about having you as his girlfriend.

Dating Your Bestie is a Bit Weird!

If you’re already dating your bestie, think about it for a while, can you be comfortable with him during those intimate moments? Will you not feel the discomfort if you’re asked to make out with your bestie? If you’ve been friends for a longer time then you’ll definitely feel quite awkward during those private moments.

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Your Bestie Know You More Than Enough!
This is the yet another reason why you shouldn’t be having any romantic relationship with your best friend. A best friend means a person who knows you more than anyone else. You cannot deny the fact that you share an extraordinary openness with your best friend. But the things you might have shared with your best friend about your past relationships can be thrown upon you as an ammunition; when you both will be looking forward to a breakup. This too much of honesty can be dangerous when you’re in a relationship with him. So to save yourself from this, it is better to keep your friend, friend only.

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Your Friendship Can Be Put To Risk
This is the biggest loss you can suffer as a result of dating your own best friend. Everything changes when you enter into a relationship with a person. You might lose your friend in him. You won’t be able to share your things with him like you used to before.

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You Won’t Be Able To Walk Out of the Relationship
You won’t be able to break his heart no matter how lifeless your bonding might have become. You won’t be left with any other option than staying with him half-heartedly. This can sabotage your friendship with him.

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You Will Lose Your Friend
All these chaos will eventually make you lose fondness for your friend. And you know what will happen? When you best friend cum boyfriend will walk out of your life, you will lose two people in your life. Firstly, your boyfriend obviously and secondly your best friend. Finding a real friend in today’s scenario is not an easy thing.

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