How Instagram Addiction Is Changing the Way We Eat Food


Since childhood, we are taught that it is rude to ignore the person sitting in front of you or never let the plate of dish waiting for you. “Show some respect towards people and food”. But as the time is passing by, people are losing this good table habits.

Well, you must be thinking that only a food porn will understand the value of a perfect Instagram click. Starting with the research to find a perfect place which serves the best cuisine and provides a nice ambiance. And of course, the photography skills needed to get that perfect click. But have you ever realized that because of these multiple side shots, the delicious food laid in front of you is getting cold and its screaming – “please stop it and enjoy eating me!”

Yes, we completely understand that food blogging is one of the popular trends nowadays and it has its own value because people can know more about the trending eating joints and their special dishes. But addiction of Instagram is something else and a matter of concern.

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It is good to appreciate food that you have been served but does you really think that it is the right way? Because of this Instagram addiction, people almost forget about eating food and enjoying its rich texture. The best way to eat the food is to enjoy every bit of it with a happy conversation with the people around you. This is what makes eating a magical process. Don’t you think so?

So, from next time, try to enjoy every bit of your food instead of Instagramming. All I need to say is eat for yourself, not for Instagram.


CH Mini
CH Mini
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