7 Ways To Deal When Your Ex Starts Dating Someone Else


Love is a beautiful feeling but it hurts when your relationship is not working and you need to call it off. After the breakup, one partner is happily moving on but the other one suffers due to his/her feelings which are still alive somewhere.

If you see your ex is getting close to someone or he/she gets in a new relationship or found new love, you need to deal with it wisely without affecting.
In this article, we would discuss some tips to deal with your ex when he/she starts dating someone else.

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Check out the list:

1- Don’t compare yourself

Don’t-compare-yourselfImage Source: tinyadda

If you see your ex start dating someone else or moving close to someone, don’t start comparing yourself with his/her new partner.

Maybe he/she trying to move on or avoid being single for a long time. It doesn’t mean that person he/she Strat dating is better than you.

2- It’s not a competition

It’s-not-a-competitionImage Source: medisite

Don’t give your ex more importance in your life and stop making him/her your priority. The relationship is not a game or competition where you lose or win.

3- Accept the fact

Accept-the-factImage Source: iuhealth

Accept the fact that your ex is no longer loves you or he/she find someone new and try to move on. What your ex do in his/her life is totally none of your business.

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4- Don’t rush

Don’t-rushImage Source: thebridalbox

Don’t rush to get into a new relationship or try to jealous your ex. Life is not a competition. Firstly, give yourself time to relax and move on because if you are not ready for the new relationship you’re able to make your new partner happy.

5- Wait for the right person

Wait-for-the-right-personImage Source: whstatic

You are unique. Wait for the right person in your life instead of getting jealous. Who will accept you with all your flaws?

6- Stop stalking

Stop-stalkingImage Source: co

When you start stalking your ex, it will give you pain and you wouldn’t be able to move on. So, try to avoid stalking your ex.