How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC


Tips To Download Youtube Videos – Android Smart Phones – Desktop

Watching videos online is fun, but watching them offline even when the internet is down, is something else. There are many reasons why you like to download videos on your phone. For example, if you’re going to enter a poor coverage area, then you might want to watch videos offline. Plus, watching the same video online repeatedly would cost you your precious internet bandwidth. Those who are fed up by the frequent buffering would love to have high-quality videos on their phone.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

There is also this reason that some videos are put down from YouTube due to some sinister reasons. So, downloading them on your phone is the simplest way to keep them safe forever with you. Although downloading such videos won’t be simpler, but it also depends on the mobile phone you’re using.

In this blog, we will tell you how to download YouTube videos for free. We will also let you know about the ethics and legality regarding downloading the videos from YouTube.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

How to Download YouTube videos on your android smartphones

YouTube has introduced the offline video watching for the android app in 2014. But if you’re using the YouTube red, then you can avail this feature. There is also this condition that not all the videos are available for offline watching. You can download the YouTube videos through YouTube Offline in the following ways:

  1. When you’re watching a video, you’ll see an icon with a down arrow. This depicts that the video is available for offline viewing.
  2. By tapping on that icon, your video will be downloaded for offline viewing.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

But this isn’t the best way to watch offline videos using your android device. The only benefit is that it is officially verified, but can’t move downloaded video anywhere so the alternate method to download YouTube videos on your android device, you’ll be needing the third-party apps.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

There are plenty of free third-party apps to download YouTube videos on your android smartphones. One of them is TubeMate. You will not find this app on the Google Play Store. So, before downloading the link, you have to allow your device to install the apps from unlicensed sources. Be very careful after allowing your device to do so. Download the apps which are safe and reliable. To download video using TubeMate APK File, follow the given instructions:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ on your android smartphone. Scroll down where the option is shown ‘Unknown sources’ tap to toggle this setting on.
  2. Now go to the official website of TubeMate YouTube downloader and download the setup from there.
  3. You will see a warning regarding downloading the apk files. Click on Ok to allow the download to take place.
  4. Click on the file once downloaded. Tap on install.
  5. When the app gets installed on your system click on it to run the app on your phone. Browse through the videos like you would do on the YouTube app.
  6. When you come across a video which you want to download on your phone then tap on the green arrow on the top of the screen.
  7. Select the video format according to your internet bandwidth and screen resolution. It will start downloading the video on your phone.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Computer

  • Download someone else’s personal video is prohibited on YouTube. If you have published your own video, you can download it by YouTube by going to the channel’s video manager. Click on edit and then click on ‘Download MP4’.
  • But if the video hasn’t been posted by you then you cannot download the video. In that case, you’ll be needing a third-party app.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

How to Download YouTube Videos on Your PC Using an App

There are a number of YouTube download apps and websites, but most of them don’t work the way they claim to. Misleading download links, unwanted software installation, terms and conditions are just some of the problems you face with the dodgy YouTube download software. is one of the simplest YouTube downloader website. To download the Youtube videos using the, you have to follow the given steps:

  1. You just have to paste the URL of your desired video in the download bar and select the format of the downloaded video.
  2. Click on download. You can also edit the file format of the downloaded video file.
  3. The app has a number of formats for you to choose. It will offer you a download link to download the video on your PC. You can also download a section of the video if you don’t want to download the entire video.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

How to Download YouTube videos on Your iPhone or iPad

You can use the free Documents 5 app to download the videos on your iOS device. This app is a PDF app in general but it also comes with a web browser. To download YouTube videos using Documents 5, follow the given set of instructions:

  1. Open the app and then select ‘Browser’ search for ‘savefromnet’. The result you will find will be YouTube downloader.
  2. Click on the link and then go to your YouTube app. Locate the video you want to download.
  3. Open the video to play it. Tap on the video and then click on the share icon given on the top of the video.
  4. Click on the ‘Copy Link’. Go back to the Documents 5 browser and paste the link in the text box where it is written ‘Just insert a link’.
  5. Click on the blue arrow button and choose the resolution. Click on Download. Click on done to complete the download.

How to Download YouTube Videos | Android | PC

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