5 Amazing Tips To Make Your Breath Smell Good


Most of us focus more on our looks and fitness but apart from this you should also focus on your oral hygiene to keep the bad breath at bay. We are always advised to brush and floss after every meal but sometimes it becomes impossible to maintain this routine. But now you can easily maintain your oral health by following some simple hacks.

Here are some simple tips that will make your breath smell good all day long:

1. Stay hydrated

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Water is very helpful in keeping bad breath at bay as it keeps your mouth moist and keeps away the bacteria away. You should at least drink 1 litre of water in a day and reduce the intake of sodas and cold drinks as it increases the chances of bad oral odour.

2. Clean your tongue

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Always clean your tongue after brushing as it will remove the bacteria that stayed in your mouth overnight. You can use a cleaner or scraper for cleaning your tongue.

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3. Eat yogurt

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Eating yogurt is very good for your oral health as it helps to reduce plaque and promotes good breath. According to a research, the food items which have rich content of Vitamin D like milk, cheese, and yogurt reduces bacteria growth in the mouth.

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4. An apple a day keeps bad breath at bay

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Eating crunchy and hard texture fruits are very good for your oral health as it helps to remove the food stuck in between your teeth and also rubs off bacteria which later cause cavities.

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5. Drink green tea instead of coffee

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It is always better to consume green tea in place of coffee as it has natural flavonoids which keep bad breath at a bay.

So, these were the few tips that you can use in your daily routine to maintain your breath.


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