India Tops the List of Most Dangerous Countries for Women


Another shocking news is out which has again brought shame to our country. According to a survey held by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India ranked first in the most dangerous countries for women. Well, it was quite predictable after the recent rape cases registered.

Most Dangerous Countries for WomenImage Source: dnaindia

According to a list released, India is most dangerous for women because of the high risk of human trafficking, sexual violence, forced marriages, and various other factors. Another shocking thing is that Afghanistan and Syria, being the war-torn countries, have ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list.

A similar survey was done in the year 2011 in which the experts found Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, India, and Somalia to be the most dangerous countries for women. And since then the rate of violence against women has increased in the country.

Most Dangerous Countries for WomenImage Source: newswatchngr
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The experts have said that the rising rates of the danger, signs that enough actions were not taken to protect the women. After the Nirbhaya case, the criminals are not afraid of the judiciary or government, rather challenging them nowadays.

And after listening to this news, a question pops into my head that are we really safe in our country? #MeraBharatMahan

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