Internet Sensation Somvati Mahawar Is the Coolest ‘Bhabhi’ in Town


If you reside in India then, you will surely understand that there is one common thing across the country and i.e. love for a cup of tea. But, what happens when that cup of tea becomes a reason for your fame? Well, this has happened to the recent internet sensation Somvati Mahawar who has taken social media portals on a rage.

In the recent time, she has become very popular because of her videos in which she offers tea to her viewers with a signature line ‘chai pi lo friends.’ So, today in this article we are going to share more about this Vlogger and her videos, read on.

Somvati Mahawar is a Vlogger who has set the social media platforms on fire with her videos. Though her bio does not have much to say about, her 15-second video made her an overnight sensation in which she urges people politely to drink tea.

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According to various sources, she started making the video using an app and then shared it on various social media platforms.

Till now, Somvati Mahawar has shared more than 400 videos and currently, she has 9,000 friends. Besides this, she has more than 28,000 followers on her popular account.

Here check out some videos of the coolest bhabhi in town:

Image Source: youtube

Image Source: youtube

Image Source: youtube

 Image Source: youtube
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