Kajol’s Weight Loss Success Secrets Revealed! Are You Still Thinking?


Kajol is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after actresses of Hindi film industry. She has withstood the test of time and has taken the media by storm with her acting prowess and recently for her revolutionary slimmer look. Despite being a mother of two Kajol much younger than her actual age! She has become a symbol of grace teamed up with beauty and has become a role model for married women who are concerned about their looks. Kajol, to this date, wows her fans, and media with a lean body, clear skin and ever charged up smile.

This actor has managed to lose oodles of fat in a short span of six months. Here is a peek into this Bengali beauty’s fitness mantra:

1. A Mind That’s Made Up

A Mind That's Made Up

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Everything begins from a thought. Her great physique takes roots from her mindset. The actress wanted to work even after her pregnancy hence knew from the beginning that she would start shedding weight as soon as her child was born. She is steel-willed and this determination has helped her to get back in shape. This thought made her win half the battle.

2. Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Mrs Devgn has a relatively realistic and a practical approach to life. So, she sets achievable goals which she can commit to and delivers on them. She has taken the same approach to losing weight as well. Discipline and realistic expectations go hand in hand for her. She aped her son in this weight loss journey and as he took to crawling about the house, she took the first step towards losing weight. With passage of time she increased the intensity as well as the duration of her workout which gave her the fit physique she loves to flaunt.

3. Eating Right

 Eating Right

The actor is very much concerned about what goes into her mouth. Her weight loss diet consists of eggs, paneer, lean chicken, milk and like a true Bengali, she too loves her fish. She eats smart and makes sure she gets enough fiber in her system. She doesn’t give in to unhealthy snacking or junk food frenzies. Besides, she realizes the importance of staying hydrated and drinks a good quantity of water to get through the day. She loves her vegetables and fruits and gulps down health drinks to manage any hunger pangs.

4. Working Out

Working Out

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There is no escape from workouts. She works with her trainer to target the fat areas and core muscles of her body, getting rid of one and strengthening the other. She does a HIIT workout. This pushes her each day to improve her performance. When she gets bored of this fitness regime, she does endurance training, lifts and squats, and yoga. She is a heavy weight lifter and can lift up to 150 pounds of weight. This actor can easily do more than 300 push-ups which is a feat for most women. But all in a day’s work for a supermom Kajol.


Here, you have it friends-Bollywood’s best weight loss secrets from yummy-mummy Kajol! Heed her words and get ready to rock the world or maybe even give her a run for her money!

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