These Cool Jobs Pamper Your ‘Laziness’ Lovingly!


Yawn! Why does one have to get off the bed to make money? It’s too much an effort and you can’t much bother but your super successful peers make you uneasy and you want to do something about it, but you feel, your bed won’t be able to survive this separation.

Despite being super lazy, easily angered, and a clock watch person that you are, you have ambitions! Like a job which doesn’t suck up your energy and pays decently as well? Then, rejoice slackers and stay in your power-saving mode.

Here Is A List Of Jobs Which You Can Do To Earn Money While Embracing Your Inner Sloth.

1. Binge Watcher

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Binge Watcher

If sitting on the couch and staring the boob tube for hours is your superpower, then the best thing to do is to get paid for it. And no, it is not a mean joke. You can actually make money off watching Netflix while hogging on those potato chips. Brace yourself, lazy bones! Nice people from Netflix appreciate this skill and hire people like yourself to watch and tag the genres of their content. If it is a lot of effort to fill out the form on their website, ask your proactive friend to do it on your behalf!

2. Professional Slacker

Professional Slacker

Did the name itself lit up your eyes? A travel company hires Fakeation Specialists who enjoy free holidays with zero responsibilities. Yes, you heard it right! You basically get to laze around all day on the beaches, read a book of your choice, ignore dreadful words like works and deadlines and the cherry on the cake is you get paid to do it. Just do yourself a favor and give your job designation a fancy name (maybe French Or Latin) before telling your parents.

3. Hotel Sleep Tester

Hotel Sleep Tester

Z’z your way to money. Luxurious hotels appoint mattress testers, bed testers, and duvet testers to spend a night or two in their rooms and sleep on their beds. How else they will know if their beds offer a good night sleep to their guests or not! For these kinds of jobs, you don’t need to enthusiastically jump out of a bed, you need to jump into one. God bless their cotton socks!

4. Beer Taster

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Beer Taster

You heard it right people will hire you to taste beeerrrrr. You don’t have to be a connoisseur though it doesn’t harm to have some experience wink*wink*. You just have to taste a wide variety of beers and rate your experience based upon their color, taste, smell, texture et al. The only bad word that can pinch you is ‘sample’ – you don’t get a whole box of beer to yourself. Sigh.

So, these lazy-as-a-door-knob-jobs will allow you to make money while causing minimal disruptions in your I-don’t-care-ish attitude and lackadaisical lifestyle.

CH Mini
A die hard fan of Chainsmoker with a motto to live the life absolutely king size. Though Mini is an expert in killing jokes, she loves writing. And when she is not scribbling, you will find her in a corner with headphones on and watching Netflix television shows.

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