7 Life Struggles Faced by Every Woman


Let’s face it guys that being a woman is not an easy task as it needs a lot of administrative work. As with the time, we need to make ourselves remind the various tasks that we need to do on regular basis like threading, waxing or keeping in mind to carry an extra pad in bags to face the dreadful situation of periods while stepping out. So, in this article, we have shared some real-life struggles faced by every woman.

1. Getting done with threading

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This is the most irritating task that we have to go through for almost every week. We need to carefully manage time so that we don’t end up going twice to the parlour.

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2. The monthly devil

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We are always prepared to face this monthly devil but our periods find a way out to disappoint us. The biggest struggle during this time is to avoid light colour clothes and coping with the pain for the entire day.

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3. Walking in heels

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Walking in heels  is a task ask it from a woman who needs to the catwalk for the entire day which is definitely not an easy task to achieve.

4. Counting on calories

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As a woman, we always conscious about her figure and health and sometimes we need to let go of our favourite dishes just to fit in a dress which feels awful.

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5. Waxing

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Waxing  is one of the most painful struggles that we face especially the bikini one during which we feel that we are almost going to die. But still, we manage as we like to have a baby soft skin.

6. The perfect winged eye

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This is the most tricky task as it is almost impossible to get perfect winged eyes in one go. And if you are trying this on your date night then god bless you.

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7. Biggest dilemma to buy or not to buy that dress

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This is most common dilemma that every woman faces on regular basis. Every time you see a new dress and again you wish to buy it.

So, these were the few life struggles faced by every woman.

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