Love Guide: 10 Habits of People Who Are Happy in Their Relationships


Happy Relationships don’t happen by accident. They are built, brick by brick and yard by yard. Just like any other institution, relationships are an institution in themselves. They need to be worked out day and night. A sturdy foundation must be laid by the people sharing the relationship. It is true that we just click right with the person we like, but the rest of the journey requires effort, no matter how charming your Mr. Perfect is.

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The relationship experts studied the behaviour and habits of the people who are happy in their relationships. And they have compiled a list of 10 habits that make their relationship a living success. Check them out.

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1. They Kiss Their Partner Hello and Goodbye
This is considered to be a meaningless and clichéd habit. But if the experts are to be believed, the people who prioritize their relationships even in their busy mornings are the ones who are successful in their relationships.

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2. They Never Shy Away at Giving Compliments
There are people who don’t even remember when they last complimented their partners. Everyone needs to be complimented and appreciated, even your partner. Regardless of whether you’re together for 5 years or 50, simple things like ‘You’re looking gorgeous today’ and ‘I am so proud of you’ can be more effective than you think. The importance of gratitude and appreciation shouldn’t be overlooked.

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3. They are Fair in their Arguments
Disagreements and arguments are not a relationship problem, it is normal. The difference between a happy couple and an unhappy one is the way they sort their differences out. Arguments are sometimes necessary to develop communication. Make a list of the bad things that you throw at your partner during an argument, and make sure that you don’t repeat it the next time you both disagree.

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4. They Focus on the Good Things of Their Partner
When you’re constantly being with a person, it is normal to dislike some of his habits. But the happiest couples focus on the good things about their partner. This doesn’t mean that they kick their standards for the relationship out of the window. They help their partner get rid of their drawbacks while appreciating the good they have in them. Respect the difference of thoughts you have with your partner. Laugh them off.

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5. They Don’t Shy Away from Little PDA
Too much PDA can be suffocating. But a little display of love doesn’t hurt you or your partner. Showing your partner off develops warmth in the relationship. Go ahead and don’t shy away from holding your partner’s hand in public. Don’t be ashamed to flaunt how much you love your partner. A little PDA can help a great deal.

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6. They Know That Their Partner is not a Mind Reader
Whenever they need something, they ask for it. They don’t expect their partner to read their minds and be ready with what they want. It is normal that even after years of relationship, you both cannot read each other’s mind. Reading mind is a superpower, don’t expect your partner to be a superhuman.

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7. They Make Their Partner a Priority
The happiest couples make time for cultivating affection with their partner. It is common to see that during the first few months of the relationship, couple can’t keep their hands off each other and as the time passed by, they don’t seem to prioritize their partner. Even after you’ve won your partner over, never fail to show how much you cherish your companionship.

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8. They Laugh Together
Couple who laugh together, stay together. Why to save your funny anecdotes for your colleagues and friends? This is a big mistake you’re making. Your relationship will eventually lose its joy and spirit if you lose the habit of laughing together. Don’t let the humour die!

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9. They Discuss the Finances
The happy couples don’t believe in the common notion that finance is men’s department. Whether the woman is working or not, they discuss each and every financial aspect of their life. They plan for the future together. Fighting over money matters can cultivate bitterness in your relationship.

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10. They Give Each Other the Benefit of Doubt
At times, people think that their partner is entirely on the different team than you. But you have to remind yourself, that you both are one team. It’s always ‘We Vs. The World’ and not ‘Me Vs. You’. Give your partner a benefit of doubt to strengthen your relationship.

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