Follow These Photography Tips and Suggestions For Beginners


Creativity is a hidden talent which lies in every individual and everyone tries to showcase it in their different ways. There is a saying that ‘Images speaks louder than words’ and it’s true. Whether you choose photography as your profession or as a hobby, in both the cases you want to master it. Here are a few photography tips and suggestions for beginners which will certainly help you.

Learn to Hold the camera

Learn to Hold the CameraImage Source: morphacademy

Most of the people don’t know how to hold the camera and it shows in their captured moments; you will notice blurry and shaky images.
Try to hold the camera from both the hands and keep them steady for better shots. Also, you can lean on the wall or crouch down for the stable shots.

Invest in Tripod

Invest in TripodImage Source: futurecdn

Initially, it’s better to use the tripod for the photographs, especially if you have the shaky hand but do not spend much on it. You can opt for inexpensive tripods which will work and if you’ll have to dispose it later once you get expertise, you won’t regret the money.

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Always Keep Your Camera with You

Always Keep Your Camera with YouImage Source: ytimg

Several times it would happen that you see something and you feel like capturing the moment there and then moment. Bot you don’t have the camera! What’ll you do? Simple! Always keep a camera handy with you so you cannot miss any of the precious moments. Moreover, if you see the opportunity and do not have your camera, take a note of that and come back with your DSLR and take your best shot.

Don’t Spend on Expensive Equipment

Don't Spend on Expensive EquipmentImage Source: squarespace

Try to spend more time with your camera and learn to play with its setting rather than spending money on expensive equipment. The more photos you take with different settings, the more you learn about it. As they say,” Practice makes a man perfect.”

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Photography Tips for Beginners Teach you to Compose Photos

Photography Tips for Beginners Teach you to Compose PhotosImage Source: ytimg

Art doesn’t require any rule and composition is one of the most important aspects of photography. You can learn composition with the camera; it’s about the placement of the subject and other elements which you would like to include in your image.

Rule of Third

Rule of ThirdImage Source: shopify

As the name suggests, divide the image into three parts, vertically and horizontally and the subject should come at the intersection points. While shooting landscapes, segregate the sky and earth with thirds and place the sun (while shooting sunsets).

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Master Exposure Triangle

Master Exposure TriangleImage Source: petapixel

Most of the people have a preconceived notion that beautiful images are taken by the camera body but magic happens with the use of correct exposure triangle setting. Manual mode gives you the total control over the photo and you should also start shooting in manual mode to get the desired results. It gives you control of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

a) ISO – ISO – gives you control over the light. The higher ISO is used for night or dark photography (ISO of 400-800) and if you are shooting outdoors (daytime), IsO of 100-200 is more than enough. Though, these days cameras come with the ISO range of 25800 but the more you increase the ISO, the more ‘noise’ you will get in the photo.

Master Exposure TriangleImage Source: photographylife

b) Shutter Speed – Shutter speed is used to control the time of the light. The faster shutter speed is used to freeze the action means if you want to take a picture of a faster moving object then increase your shutter speed and freeze it. The slower shutter speed is used to create motion blur in the photograph. You can open the shutter from 30 seconds to 1/1200 seconds depending upon what you want to capture.

Shutter SpeedImage Source: pinimg

c) Aperture – Aperture means the opening of your lens. The more you open the lens, the more you get the light and vice versa. It is stated in the form of f2, f10, f16, f22; the greater the f-number, the smaller the lens opening. For instance, if you are shooting with f1.4 means the lens is open to the fullest and you will get the maximum light.

 ApertureImage Source: barrytravelography

Follow the Leading Lines

Follow the Leading LinesImage Source: medium

This can be used with the rule of third or for the symmetrical approach and can be used for both, vertical and horizontal photography. The aim of leading lines is to head you towards the point interest in the image.

Photography Tips and Suggestions for Beginners Teach you to Compose Photos

Photography Tips Suggests Beginners to Shoot in RAWImage Source: wordpress

As a beginner, it is advisable to shoot in both RAW+JPEG but when you start shooting in raw will help you as it will give you control over the photo, once you clicked it. You can change the hue and edit other things with the good editing software.

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Learn from your Mistakes

Learn from your MistakesImage Source: thinkmarketingmagazine

Blurry or shaky, over or underexposed and wrongly composed images can be frustrating for anyone but do not get disheartened since it’s a part of your learning process. Make a resolve try harder next time to get the desired results.

An aspiring photographer should follow these tips for the better photographs, but they should not forget that art or imagination totally depends upon the person, so never stop yourself to break the rules. Just follow your heart and capture your imagination.

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