8 Popular Movies That Have Strong Female Leads


We all love watching movies. But have you guys ever realized that these short flicks leave a huge impact in our lives by giving us a new perception to look at things? And when we talk about women-centric movies, there are a bunch of movies which give us a strong message and have shown ladies as badass women.

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1. Queen

QueenImage Source: wordpress

Rani’s story is something which every common girl can relate to. After getting abandoned on her wedding day she decided to go on a solo honeymoon trip to Europe. And during that journey, she learned many lessons and learned a lot about different cultures and people. In the end, she becomes the ultimate Queen. This amazing character of the fiery lady was played by Kangana Ranaut.

2. The Danish Girl

The-Danish-GirlImage Source: whatsontheredcarpet

This movie has shown two powerful ladies in the leads. The story is set in the 1920s which shows the journey of Einar as he transforms himself into a female. And after seeing it promises to leave you in tears. Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander have played the lead female roles in the movie.

3. NH10

NH10Image Source: financialexpress

This movie gives a strong message with an amazing storyline with a fiery female lead. The character Meera leads a normal life like other modern Indian women. But everything shatters when her husband drags them into a mess and then she rises like a badass woman to fight for herself. Anushka Sharma really gave us a strong message from this movie.

4. Legally Blonde

Legally-BlondeImage Source: wordpress

This common chick flick turns out to be a big surprise with some unexpected encounters. Elle was dumped by her self-centric boyfriend after that she turns her life around and joins law school and makes her entry at Harvard University. Reese Witherspoon has played the lead role in the movie.

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5. Dear Zindagi

Dear-ZindagiImage Source: celebsandcinema

This story is set on the mindset of a 20, Kaira. It shows her rollercoaster ride through depression, anxiety and how she still lives it up without becoming a victim. Alia Bhatt pulled off her role very well with Shah Rukh in the movie.

6. Mulan

MulanImage Source: behance

This animated flick is an inspiring movie for women who belong to the different race. This movie shows the journey of Mulan of becoming a warrior from a normal girl. And during this journey, she finds her love too.

7. Pink

PinkImage Source: wordpress

Taapsee Pannu has made a mark by her amazing stint in the movie. The story revolves around the life of three ladies who are modern but still are subjected to be characterless and easy because of their outgoing nature.

8. Little sister

Little-sisterImage Source: mizhollywood

The flick tells us the story of a young nun, who is returning home to her veteran brother to know about teenage past. Addison Timlin played the lead role in the movie.