5 Common Beauty Blunders And How To Fix Them Easily


Makeup is something which has the tendency0 to change the overall look of a person. And everyone once in a lifetime has been through the common beauty blunders. And that feeling is so bad, seeing the whole makeup ruined on which you spent your precious time. But now you don’t to worry about these beauty blunders as we have listed some common blunders and hacks to fix them.

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1. Gum in hair

Gum-in-hairimage source: bluemaize
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This is most heartbreaking blunder that one has to face because this ultimately means reaching to scissors. But you don’t need to worry as we have found a simple way to fix this. Whenever you encounter this situation next time, apply ice on the area where gum is stuck in your hair. This will make it solid and will easily break off from your hair. And as an alternative, you can also apply oil that will gently make it slide from your hair. Both of the methods are effective.

2. Smeared eye makeup

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This is the most common blunder that every lady goes through. Smudging of the eye makeup is quite common and it would be unrealistic if someone never been through it. The best way to overcome this blunder is to dip a cotton ball in the makeup remover and wait till it gets dry. Always keep it handy. Next time, when you encounter such situation just dip the cotton ball in water and clean up the smudged area.

3. Odd lashes

Odd-lashesimage source: gymbuddynow

This blunder is that most of us encounter. This happens because of the lash gum comes in contact with sweat and later it does not work effectively like it should. An important tip never uses your hands to handle your falsies instead of bare hands use tweezers.Tweezers will avoid the sweat from reaching to adhesive. And another thing always keeps adhesive and tweezers handy to avoid such blunder.

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4. Lipstick on teeth

Lipstick-on-teethimage source: quickanddirtytips

This is the most common blunder for women who love applying lipstick. But this blunder has the tendency to ruin the perfect pout and smile. And to avoid this you can use this hack, after applying lipstick, keep your finger in the middle of your mouth and slowly pull it out. And after this, all the excess lipstick will come on your hand and your teeth and lips will be clean, and perfect.

5. No foundation on neck

No-foundation-on-neckimage source: rd

It is quite upsetting when you find out that you have not blended your makeup properly upon your neck. To avoid this blunder try to apply makeup in the correct way and as light as possible. Most of the times people forget it because it becomes almost invisible. So, the best hack is to keep your makeup as natural as possible.

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