6 Relationship Secrets You Never Share With Your Partner



If you are in a relationship and try to create an amazing bonding with your partner, it is very important that you shouldn’t hide things from your partner. But sometimes you hide some relationship secrets from your partner due to a few reasons.

We asked 6 couples about these relationship secrets that they hide from their partner and they told us some shocking ones. Wish to know those secrets? Read this post.

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Check out the list below:

1- Looking different from photographs

Looking different from photographsImage Source: rd

One of the couples told us, that he starts chatting with his partner on social media and check out almost all pictures of her but when they finally met, he didn’t recognize her for a few minutes. According to him, she put too much of makeup on her face. Although it happened six years ago, now they are happily married.

2- Never made me feel the orgasm

Never made me feel the orgasmImage Source: damiana

A wife told us that her husband never made her feel orgasm. She said, she loves her husband but whenever she tries to do something new, her husband doesn’t like and refuse to do that. She never said this to her husband.

3- When we got married, I was not in love with her

When we got married, I was not in love with herImage Source: pesanlab

A husband told us, that he had an arranged marriage and when he got married, he was not in love with her wife. Although his wife is beautiful and belongs to a very nice family, he didn’t feel anything towards his wife when they get married.

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4- Never told him about My past

Never told him about My pastImage Source: wsimg
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According to a wife, she never told her husband about her ex-boyfriends. She told us that many times, her husband asked her about her past but she never told him because she did not want any problems in her married-life due to her past.

5- She is a bad kisser

She is a bad kisserImage Source: wp

A Husband told that her wife is a bad kisser. No matter how many times he explains to his wife, she doesn’t know the art of kissing.

6- Having crush on colleague

Having crush on colleagueImage Source: glamour

A husband told us that he had a crush on her colleague. Although he never tried to date her he was sure that if he ever would tell this to her wife she would never trust on this and that’s why he hid this thing from his wife.

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