Relax Girl! It’s Okay To Keep These 10 Secrets From Your Bae


Love and passion are the two things that make a relationship strong and beautiful.
Being in a relationship means to be truthful and content towards each other. But it doesn’t mean that you need to share every small detail of your life with your partner.

It’s nice if you and your bae are closest friends and a close-knit couple, and sharing things is your “Thing”. But then again girls, it is okay to keep some secrets, especially if the truth can affect your relationship. And truth be told, if he really loves you, small things like these harmless secrets won’t affect your relationship.

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We bet there is no harm is keeping these 10 secrets from your bae.

1. No Need To Tell Him Deets About Your Past

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I think, this goes without saying that you don’t need to compare to even share your ex’s information with your present boyfriend. Past is a past, no matter what the reason may have been for your split, let’s just leave it behind us and move on to lead a happy life.

2. He Doesn’t Need To Know The ‘Golden’ Number

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No matter whatever the number may have been, he should be happy that he is the one you chose to be with at last. BTW, the ‘Golden’ Number here depicts the number of partners you have had in the past and the number of intimate relationships.

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3. Don’t Share Bestie’s Gossip With Bae

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Isn’t it natural for your bestie to feel protective of you and see if the guy you are in relation with, is good for you or not? Fine, she goes to the great measures to test him but isn’t that a good thing. This shows her love for you, so you don’t have to share it with your bae.

4. Keeping That Bank Account A Secret Is No Offense

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He is not your bank accounts manager, and neither does he really needs to know all about your savings or your investments. No girl, you get to live a life only once, and the best way to live it is by treating yourself in the best way possible. Oh, and maybe with that expensive dress hanging on the mannequin there, would suit you better!

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5. Your Secret Love Affair With All Things Junk

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That’s okay if you have an obsession with having all things junk. Don’t blame him, maybe he just has those heightened taste buds to understand the true value of those delicious chicken wings, to have five days of a week.

6. The Unlikeliness Towards His Family

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His parents or relatives might not have made a good first impression, but instead of telling him, give them time to win your heart and grow on you. Until then, why don’t we just keep our mouths shut!

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7. About That Harmless Flirting From Another Guy

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It’s okay if someone else if flirting with you, harmlessly. And it helps to boost up your self-esteem too. And it means nothing to you coz you don’t feel the same way.

8. Stalking Should Be Kept Private, Especially If It’s About His Ex

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Don’t feel bad about stalking his, after all, we are all just human. And we are sure that he must have done the same on his end. So, relax girl, you did no sin.

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9. Your Unconditional Love For Watching Those Trashy TV Series

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Those overrated and soppy movies and shows that your say, are your favorite and you can watch then endless times. Coz you know a little drama is necessary for life!

10. The Secretly Planned Dream Wedding *Sighs*

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You might have collected a Pinterest Board by now, probably gathering ideas about how and where your wedding is going to be. But the best part is that he is totally unaware of it too.

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Don’t worry girls, your secret is safe with me too *wink*

You can share your secrets with us and we promise no one will ever know them!

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