#SELFIE TIPS: 10 Cool Tips For Perfect Selfie From B-Town Celebs


It’s been so many years since selfie has become a form of usual photography. But still, there are many who don’t know how to click a perfect selfie. But, fortunately, there are thousands of selfie-pros out there who inspire us anyway. Interestingly some of them made a successful career out of this passion.
So, many of us, who still are struggling to get that a single perfect selfie-shot at least, we are here with some amazingly cool selfie tips which come directly from selfie-pros.

Here are a few tips inspired by B-town celebs that you can follow to click a perfect SELFIE.

1. Show off some madness and click a middle-settled selfie with your bestie that can turn out be a memory on your Insta feed.

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2. Always click the pic either with full makeup or no makeup as the half look will not help you get a perfect selfie.

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3. Try out a mirror selfie. Just tug stomach in and show some swag and you are done.

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4. If you are trying to click a selfie in the bright natural light just lift up your face and a flawless look on your face.

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Black and white kind of day!!!

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5. Click it from a higher angle as it reduces the darkness beneath your chin and also hides your double chin.


6. Add something extra to your selfie by clicking it with your cute pet in which you focus more on your body with a higher angle.

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7. Click an ample number of selfies so that you can find a perfect one to post.

8. Make sure you use a perfect pic editing app to get a perfect selfie.

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Before Mundan – After Mundan

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9. If you are not in an ideal condition to click a selfie then, a minimal face makeup will be enough for you to get a perfect click.

10. Let the natural lights play its part. It needs time discover this but once you figure it your selfies will be WOW.


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