SHOCKING FACTS: 7 Amazing Uses Of Toothpaste Will Leave You Shocked!



Toothpaste is a product that we use regularly to clean our teeth to keep them whiter and healthier. Besides that, there are many unusual uses of toothpaste that many of us don’t know.

And surely after knowing these uses you will be amazed.

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Here is the list of some uncommon uses of toothpaste that you have never heard of:

1. Cleans your jewellery

Cleans your jewelleryImage Source: femside

Yes, you heard it right. Toothpaste can bring sparkle to your jewellery. For this, you just need to rub some toothpaste on your jewellery and keep it aside till it gets dry. Later, wash your jewellery with water. And if still don’t get the desired result then keep the overnight and clean it up with cloth next day.

2.Heals bug bites and scars

Heals bug bites and scarsImage Source: asds

If you want to get rid of bruise then apply the mix of toothpaste and skin lotion on the affected area. Repeat this remedy for two to three days and will be amazed to see the results. Not only this you can also apply it on the mosquito bites to get rid of itching sensation. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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3. Alternate for hair gel

Alternate for hair gelImage Source: viralplots

Yes, you heard it right you can use it as an alternate for hair gel. For this, you just need to squeeze out some toothpaste and mix it with 50ml water thoroughly. And use this mixture just as your hair gel. Another important thing, don’t forget to wash your hair by the end of the day so that there is no residue left.

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4. Make your nails shiny

Make your nails shinyImage Source: tipsnips

Want natural shine on your nails? Then this use is really gonna amaze you. If you run out of enamel, just do one thing, polish your nails with toothpaste using a soft brush. This will help to clean up your nails and even brings shine to it.

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5. Amazing cleaner for leather

Amazing cleaner for leatherImage Source: wordpress

Toothpaste acts as an amazing cleaning agent for leathers. Just dab some non-gel toothpaste on the leather surface and clean it up with soft brush or cloth. Later clean it off with a damp cloth.

6. Make your mobile screen shine

Make your mobile screen shineImage Source: googleusercontent

Want to remove scratches from your phone screen? Then, we have got the solution for you. Take some toothpaste on a cotton ball and rub it on the screen in clockwise motions and leave it aside. Later, clean up the screen with a damp cloth and you will get a shiny no scratch screen.

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7. Treat face spots

Treat face spotsImage Source: ytimg

Toothpaste is a great solution for skin related problems, especially pimples. If you want to get rid of a pimple, just apply some menthol toothpaste on the affected area for few minutes and later wash it off. You will see that your pimple is completely dried off.

So, these were the few unusual uses of toothpaste that we can use in daily routine.

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