Silky Soft, Rosy Pink and Naturally Flushed Cheeks, Now yours!


Cheeks when you are an infant everyone liked you cheeks. In fact cheeks remained the topic of conversations. Topics like how your cheeks were more round, fluffy and soft than mine or my mom’s friends’ kids’ or cousins’, etc. remained the hot most. And with time, the focus shifted to make lips luscious and eyes seductive. That is what make up is mostly about… or practically that is how it seems to be!! Rosy Pink and naturally Flushed Cheeks are but easier attained than contouring makeup!


True once you grow the round and fluffy attributes become things to frown at within any fashion pro group. Rosy cheeks reflect the natural glow and radiance of your beauty and health.  But wrong make up techniques ruin the charm and make you look rather soggy!! I am sure you don’t want to look that way.

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Yes you guessed it right. I m going to talk about BLUSH! Its one make up ingredient you just should not do without!

So here are some beauty tips I, as your personal beauty insider, am going to spill up for you-

  • With very bath moisturize well and then start with a thin make up base to even your complexion.
  • For a Blush chose a natural color that gels well with your natural skin tone. Better chose cream blush if your skin is dry, else powder blush may just blot off leaving u seriously flushed!!
  • And please forget about those orange-ish blushes, they are so not happening! Moreover, never overload your poor cheeks with coats of blush deepening the hue it’s another faux pas I would suggest you steer clear from!
  • Apply the blush from the apple of your cheeks to the hair line and finish up with a shimmery highlighter to get that glowing effect.

Get rosy cheeks naturally

Try these products for a super rich yet natural effect – Maybeliine blush , Deborah blush

That was all about make up. But you can’t keep yourself all decked up all through the day. So make sure u cleanse your skin well. And then moisturize it thoroughly. Here is some more things you should know—

  • Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits
  • Exercising keeps your cheeks beautifully flushed!
  • And you can pick a slice of beetroot and rub it on your cheeks. Don’t forget to wash it off after 10-15 minutes. That is an amazing blush natural and safe!
  • And hey! Like you do it with your little niece and nephew and your guy too, pinch your cheeks every hour… gently!! That’s quite a cheeky way to keep you face look fresh glowing and rosy!
  • Have sex. I know you would not have expected it coming but that is it! Well yes its fun and keeps you glowing with healthy looking flushed cheeks!
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Get rosy cheeks naturally

So don’t you wanna try?

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