Ladies! it’s time to open up as pain during periods and intercourse is not normal!


Most of the youth population are not aware of the various facts when they hit puberty. There is no one who can educate them properly about periods and the pain related to that. In most of the cases it is unbearable and in few cases, it fades away with the time. But why people are not open about this fact? Why don’t they educate their children about puberty? Why do they leave them in an ignorance?

Well, In this article, we are going to share some facts related to pain during periods and intercourse.

1. Women are engrained with the belief that pain during intercourse and periods is normal

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Over the decade’s kids are taught the same thing that pain during periods is normal, passing on the suffering of being a woman. But with the time they have learned to bear the pain by keeping a fake smile on their face without showing the trace of discomfort.

Encountering pain during the first-time intercourse is normal as it is the first time when something external entering your privates. But the problem arises when you experience pain constantly during an intercourse and periods.

2. And this issue is not normal

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When a woman decides to talk about this matter she is often told that she is overreacting or this is a reason of some psychotic problem which she is suffering because of something that she experienced in their childhood. The topic of pain related to periods and penetration is always de-emphasized because people think it is an attempt by women to hijack ED group.

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3. Women also suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) like men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

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Women-also-suffer-from-Female-Sexual-Dysfunction-FSD-like-men-suffer-from-Erectile-Dysfunction.Image Source: 7laki

Yes, you heard it right. The symptoms vary from an inability to orgasm, painful intercourse and inability to become aroused. In few cases, FSD is the reason of the painful past experience which makes the women oppose getting physical. And there are also many cases in which women are misdiagnosed and suffer from the curable disorder. Till now FSD doesn’t get any medical importance and there is hardly any research on it.

4. FSD is real and it needs proper care and treatment

Women-also-suffer-from-Female-Sexual-Dysfunction-FSD-like-men-suffer-from-Erectile-Dysfunction.Image Source: mednutrition

Normally, FSD is divided into arousal, orgasmic, desire and sexual pain. And sexual disorder problem can comprise vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, endometriosis etc. And all these actual physical problems that can cure from surgery to hormone treatment.

There are many tactics which are suggested by people to overcome the discomfort of vaginas like a hot bath, few glasses of wine etc. And when we talk about intercourse it is said that a special massage is perfect to get the flow. But all these ideas and tactics are shit.

Pain is not something that cannot be cured, there are various treatments available that might help you. So, ladies if you are also experiencing pain during periods and intercourse then consult your doctor ASAP.


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