Spice Up Your Sex Life This Weekend With These Vitalizing Tips


A common problem faced by couples especially who have been in a long term relationship is a lack of intimacy or things start getting boring in the bedroom. If you are going through a similar phase in your relationship, then you are in dire need of some quick fixes to spice things up. In this article, we are going to share with you some interesting tips that you can use to revive your dull sex life.

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1. Break the monotony- If you just don’t feel as alive and aroused as you felt earlier while getting intimate then maybe things are getting too repetitive or monotonous which is leading to the disinterest. This is not just about sex but almost everything that you do. For example, if you start eating the same food day after day you are ought to get bored. The same applies to sex as well. So when things start getting too repetitive, try to break the monotony by doing it in a new way or doing it at a new place. Rather than keeping your sex game only to the bedroom. If you are eager enough to try, any place in your house can be as good as your bedroom to perform the deed.

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2. Go on dates- Going on dates should not be restricted to the time when you were just dating each other. In fact, if you have been in a long term relationship then you are in dire need of dates to keep things fresh and exciting. When your sex life gets boring your mind trick you into thinking that your partner too, is boring; which is obviously not true. Go out on fancy dates or just plan a simple date at home itself, as this will break the monotony in your life itself. You can also try some adventure sports if that’s what you like doing.

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3. Never skip foreplay- Now this is one important thing that you certainly cannot give a miss. Now the idea of foreplay may vary from person to person, so it totally depends on you and your partner. You can either go the traditional way of cuddling, touching and kissing or you can plan a massage/spa session if you want to make things all fancy. You can also include some wine, chocolate and strawberries too. Not only these will tickle your taste buds but these are also aphrodisiacs which mean they are packed with the potential to get things super exciting.

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4. Masturbate more often- Gone is the ear when masturbation was considered a taboo. Truth to be told masturbation is actually very good for you if you want your sexual desires alive. Masturbation may come as a great help when you find that you are getting irregular with the bedroom sessions. Not having frequent sex may sometimes lead to disinterest. So in order to keep that fire burning you can stay in touch with your own body via masturbation. Soon you would notice that your sexual desires for your partner have heightened on their own.

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