Spiritual Significance of Peepal Tree According to Mythology


The Peepal tree is considered holy as it is worshipped for centuries and also has religious significance. According to the various Vedas, Peepal tree denoted for different things. Like in Rig Veda, it is considered as a God and in Atharva Veda, it is described as the home of all Gods. While in Yajur Veda, it is stated that for every yagya, the peepal tree is very important. Peepal tree is the most valuable tree and it has both spiritual and material benefits. So, to know more about this sacred tree, we have shared the spiritual significance of peepal tree.

1. Represents cycle of birth and death

Represents cycle of birth and deathImage Source: matthewkressel

It is said that Peepal tree never sheds all of its leaves at one time. Once the leaves start to fall from the tree, the new leaves keep coming by taking a new birth. And this simple thing signifies the cycle of death and life. Thus, it relates to the spiritual reality.

2. Linked to Lord Brahma

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The Peepal tree is also linked to Lord Brahma, the god who is unborn and never takes birth. And Lord Brahma is the god to whom the spirits are assimilated to, in the end. This is also one of the reasons why last rites are performed under the Peepal tree.

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3. House of Lord Vishnu

 House of Lord VishnuImage Source: ytimg

In the holy book of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna has said that he is the Peepal tree. The roots of the tree are Vishnu, branches are Narayana, stems are Keshav and the leaves are Hari himself. And for this reason, since ancient times, the tradition of worshipping Peepal tree is followed.

4. Signifies permanent spirituality

Signifies permanent spiritualityImage Source: pinimg

It is said that Peepal tree is immortal as it never dies which also signifies the permanent nature and relates to the permanent soul. Just like human body vanishes but the soul never does. And this is another reason because of which Peepal tree is worshipped.

5. The story of Savitri and Satyavan

The story of Savitri and SatyavanImage Source: wp

The holy book Mahabharata also mentions the story of Savitri who bought back his husband’s life. Savitri’s husband Satyavan died under the Peepal tree, after which Savitri was badly hurt so she began to worship the Lord of death, Yamraj by tying the sacred thread around the Peepal tree. This later compelled Lord Yamraja to return her husband’s life. Since then, the Hindu Women follow the custom of Peepal Puja.

So, these were the few spiritual significances of Peepal tree.

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