Taking Medicines without Prescription? Think Again!!!


You don’t like frequent visits to a doctor, do you? I don’t like it either. Who does? In this busy world, everybody wants to stay fit and fine. People do all sorts of exercises, consumes diets and meditation to keep their body sound and impervious to health problems.

Taking Medicines without Prescription Think Again!!!

But there are many things about which we can’t forecast? In fact, may sensitive ones can’t avoid a fever after getting wet in rain or common cold after a sudden climate change.

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When you get health problems while you’re at work, you can’t just go home all the time… You may have some important tasks to deal with. In such a case you need medicines which come in handy. You can keep medicines for cold, cough, fever and headache in your bag so that you can use them when you need to. This will let you work peacefully and help you to avoid an unnecessary leave.

Self-medication has its own benefits, but what you may fail to notice is that it may slowly addict you to specific medicines. Obviously you can’t predict when you’re going to catch cold or cough. But you take the same medicine for cold every time. Next time you can’t avoid that medicine even if you have a mild cold.

Some ill-effects of self medication:

  1. Increased sleepiness: Continuous use of commercial medicines for common diseases may affect your sleeping habits. You may sleep without knowing how long you’ve slept. This may affect your office routine.
  2. Side-effects: You may not be patient enough to think about suitability of the medicine to you before taking it. Some medicines may cause side effects like vomiting, burning sensation in the throat, fever and headache. These side-effects can make you take more pills.
  3. Wastage of money: You buy a particular medicine for a considerable cost. Then it comes to your knowledge that there is another medicine which is more effective than the one you bought. Obviously you rush to purchase it. This way you delay your recovery and waste your money as well.

Apart from this, if you’re using any cream without the approval of a skin doctor, it may cause skin irritation, itching and allergy. Self-medication is just an option, not a need. You should not skip visits to the doctor.

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