Shape your Body!!! Sharpen your Mind!!!


Are you doing physical exercises every day? If you are, then you’re not just shaping your body, you’re also keeping your mind healthy. There’s a saying “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. It is absolutely true!

While you’re working out, your heart beats faster. While it beats faster, it increases the oxygen supply to your body parts. As a matter of fact, your brain also receives oxygen quicker due to faster circulation of blood.

Physical exercise results in the release of endomorphins. Endomorphins are actually protein molecules which relieve you from the problems caused by stress, anxiety or agitation. Even if you’re frustrated, physical exercise is the best way to let your anger out and relax your mind.

Pros of Exercising and Its Impact on the Mind:

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Pros of Exercising and Its Impact on the Mind:

  1. Joy of being fit: When you’re fat, you always feel obsessed about your obesity, which further keeps you sad. Physical work-out fills you with optimism and hope of becoming fit. This manages mind-relaxing hormones which make you happy.
  2. Increases self-esteem: when you do physical work out regularly, your body gradually achieves the right shape. Being fit and looking attractive adds to your self-esteem and keeps your mind steady and sharp.
  3. Relieves work stress: Working out at the gym or even at your house, helps you to take your mind relax from your office work. This relieves you from the load of work stress that you face in office.
  4. Jovial way of talking: A regular physical exercise keeps you in a jovial mood. This makes you talk to others with a feeling of joy.
  5. Better sleep: If you have any sleeping troubles, exercise is the best way to deal with it. It causes your body parts to get tired.When your body gets exhausted, the mind has no option but to stay calm and thus making you fall asleep quickly.
  6. Regulated appetite: when you workout, your mind becomes more alert regarding appetite and food intake. Your mind knows that your body is working hard. It will therefore increase or decrease your hunger accordingly.

Physical exercise is not just to tone your muscles. It also improves the state of your mind… Keep your body healthy and your mind will automatically be sharper!


kartik kumar
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