11 Amazing Foods and Diet for Increasing Height


Height depends on the right kind of food, proper exercise and genes. Men continue to gain height till twenty five years of age whereas women attain full height during the age of eighteen or nineteen.

Following are the list of Height Increasing Foods

1. Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins

A. Proteins:

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Proteins are also called the building blocks of the body and thereby help in increasing the height by building certain tissues.

B. Minerals:


Foods which contain minerals are like phosphorus, fluoride. Manganese and Iron plays an important role in increasing body growth and height.

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C. Vitamins:


Vitamin D is very important for the development of healthy and strong bones and the deficiency of vitamins results in weak bones, impaired growth, and short statute.

2. Milk:


Calcium is very essential for the maintenance and growth of strong bones and it also acts as a height booster. Milk is also an excellent source of calcium.  It also contains protein which actually helps in building the cells of our body.

3. Dairy Foods:


In adding together milk, dairy foods should be consumed to increase height. Dairy foods such as yoghurt, whipping cream, cheese, ice cream and paneer, are rich source of vitamins D, A, B. They also contain calcium and protein

4. Fruits and Vegetables:


Vegetables and fruits also play a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are a great source of potassium, folates vitamins, and fibre. Vitamin A helps in the development of tissues and bones.

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5. Chicken:


Chick is the great source of proteins amongst the animal foods. It provides a superior amount of proteins to the body for building muscles and tissues.

6. Beef:


Apart from the use of chicken, beef is an important source of proteins but it also contains fat which enhances the level of cholesterol.

7. Grains and Starches:


Grains and Starches are the great sources of energy in the body. They provide fibre, iron, vitamin B, and selenium. Popcorn, Brown rice, and whole wheat are helpful for the proper growth of the body.

8. Eggs:


Eggs are a good source of proteins. Eggs contain vitamin B2, which is called riboflavin which increases height.

9. Soybeans:


Soybeans include the highest proteins which improve tissues and bone.

10. Oatmeal:


Oatmeal is a great source of plant protein which increases the height

11. Coral Calcium:


Coral calcium helps in increasing the bone mass thus increases the height.

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